There are times when something like something like
something like a deity have seemed to manifest.
The truest forms of descriptions of it or contextualizations of its
power and past activity are best unquantified.

Did this deityishness cause this world? Create it?
What I’ve experienced of it and vicariously accumulated
*culminating in one great orb of wondering about it:
nothing’s ever made me think something created it all.
Unless as some brilliant self-sustaining algorythm in the
programming sense – is dna code an ancient language?
one that someone understands, designed, instigated on non-being
to achieve a scope of billions of galaxies?

So I would think of it as something that evolved here along with
everything else. Perhaps it amounts to when our species
achieved an awakening of consciousness.
Thus I would find it inline otherwise with the deities out there.

For me because of the music the Muslim God has seemed like the
most accessable. Also because of a woman in a veil
I met on the greyhound to Toronto back in 2000.
The strike of fate was, she was actually a genius,
or at least at the extreme heights of IQ, the work she does
being the utmost most difficult and life saving, with premature birth babies
the littlest ones. Painstaking work. On the greyhound
she mapped out precisely in answer to just how sideways I word my questions
on such matters. It wasn’t possible for me to believe
that Ala was hovering just over my head as we spoke
right there in that greyhound, but it all made sense.
But my surprise seatmate was incredibly articulate
which always works on me, so I’ve never ruled it out
it all could be true.

The Jewish religion is so complex that I don’t think anyone will
ever have the time to pull it altogether in their minds,
and say every last word or concept of it is true, even the scholars,
it would be the rare one that would get to all of it.
You’d have to specialize on one thing to even begin.
So it may be true or not be true in some instances.
“Is this the best way to do this particular thing forever more? ”
The Deity shines though, a brilliant thing to wonder about.

The Christian God is the same God as the Jewish God
which always amuses me. Jesus and his followers absconded with it
and gave it to the Romans and the Russians and dear old Europe
and the UK. An old breakaway movement in Galilee
transplanted onto Europe and onto North South and Centro America,
by which time it amounted to stealing all the gold in Mexico and
killing the people. Lord knows what went wrong.

There are some things you cannot take back. Christians running
the residential schools and in some cases all medicine and psychiatry.
Frightening! With their angry punitive attitude to sex, abortion, race.
treating the insane, the victims of a widespread crime, the most vulnerable.
This angry form of Christians. It can feel like sacrilege.
The vexatious Christian God theme has got to go.

With your Gods behind you, live in the world.


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