The Jack Layton Bikeride Day

As some 11,000 bicyclists sang wheels a rare public funeral was held for Jack Layton.

I take funerals so seriously they are like the purest moments in being.

So unusual to have this one be one of millions of peop¬e with such similar positive associations with an individual. He was actually a nice person, how rare is that, and easily anywhere. I think it’s part of the mythos of the Canadian as happy anywhere, in any situation. Just give them a situation and the Canadians will be pleased to attempt to, with the values they have, in all that comes

The wonderful mass of people was so incredible.


The NDP has its roots in radicalism and activism and in freedom of the press and egalitarianism? I think so. Certainly lots of good will towards freedom and justice for all. It was thrilling. I know I’m not the only person ever to believe in it but to see such a deep crowd, like a real city




And not just the spectacular landscape


the human contingent


An amazingly good thing to see, as I emerged from my long pass saturday morning sleep in.


Heartwarming indeed. A rare and special Saturday.


After it was over (or during the church organ music at the end)  I bicycled off in that maze of one way streets and everything downtown. By chance it was the route they were taking from Roy Thomson Hall






  1. beautiful john, a moving tribute to mr. layton, so loved and admired

    Comment by blueberryerie — August 28, 2011 @ 3:22 pm

  2. The world’s romped on a bit in the week since.
    Jack Layton’s absence is a registrable element in the dinged sense of government and revolution and change and transitions of power.

    But without being exclusively shocked by the Libyan or Syrian or Canadian or Toronto politics (or work!), there remains the warm side of thought, the warm version of history. (O what a moment. There was just a sizeable beige bodyful spider on my headphones on this desk. I carefully lifted and was poised a while whether to the thumb him, and I couldn’t, not while writing this comment. Hell, I tap tapped the spider off on the carpet, and it was stunned, then scrambled like a real animal for under the speakers. Is that a good thing to do? Do people still ask that?

    Comment by oversion — September 1, 2011 @ 2:24 am

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