Neweth Commandment

I guess I’ve never had faith in any form of government.
The ones that don’t do much direct harm are probably
the most appreciated.
Good sense used to be so simple,
the obvious right thing.
Nowadays one can barely imagine that kind of mindset
being involved in electable politics.

bombing and torturing one’s own taxpayers though,
no line will ever be drawn within
that quadrant of possible reality.

It should be morally automatic,
that if one as an executive government factor
comes to the point of using the military
against regions or cities or towns
those regions and towns are automatically
not part of that country anymore.

Governmental rights are foregone.

There shouldn’t even be debate.
If trapped in a country
murderously hostile to one’s community
the rights of government are endt

and the newly stateless people are free agents nation wise.

Most nations are bullshit anyway.


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