January 19, 2016

Island January ~ Happy Photos

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We’re like a leadership group for being happy when you can.
My cophotographer on this, and I, such an All Time glorious being,
when as such time allows, we just have fun. Good old fashioned fun
an example to the world. A snowstorm wouldn’t pose the slightest difficulty.
In fact it would be a very lucky time at which to be snowbound
Rather than hate on things like that,
have some good experiences. Energy. Alive.

I want to be sequential with these photos, so the sheer wonder of it
is cosmically imprinted WE LIKE THE WORLD; WE WANT IT TO CONTINUE.


January 8, 2016

Sparrow News, Costa Rican birds, other bird news

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Having been away for longer durations than usual
once settled back this week the sparrows weren’t hanging around
that much out back. They started coming around more
once they realized I was back. And just in time.

Went out for my first break this morning, and the starlings
are all around the area doing their skippy territorial-thinking dances
alighting around, hopping and darting, with some sparrows out among them
an occasional sparrow chasing one. The starlings know me
and started dispersing once I was out there.

Hadn’t looked up to that point, but when I turned back toward the building
sparrows not only had 1 or 2 sparrows at every piping hole and top best perches
but arrayed at all landing points! So proud of them. Once you’ get
starlings in your piping life’s turn to darkness and strange noise
and ultimately tragedy. Starlings aren’t afraid of the dark.
They go deep in the piping, all the way to where the piping leads.
They get trapped.

Sparrows are smaller in the first place and don’t go where they can’t see.
Charmingly sensibly timid, they don’t go deep at all in the piping
and make no sound while there, whereas the starlings would chatter loudly
through the pipes filling the warehouse with every woe they were experiencing
trapped in the pipes. A starling deeper in the piping will have as many
as nine starlings that would have to get out of the way for it to get
out of the piping. So they forge into the darkness. If they find an internal way
to finally get themselves out of the piping they’re then trapped in the warehouse
in complete darkness. The ordeal has never not killed them by stress and fright.

The sparrows prevent both the starlings and the squirrels from setting up shop
in the piping. The squirrels get in, every 3 months a round of baby squirrel corpses
plummetting to the ground when they try to fledge via the piping.
And thats a mammal in there, and one accustomed to burrowy darkness.

It’s remarkable the sparrows are able to fend off these larger beings
and keep it tidy in the front porch way they do.


December 14, 2015

“Sparrowing” from Red Iron Press flutters into the World

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015 Into the persistently dim blue November air came the bright new pocket sized book from Red Iron, The harrowing tale of not one but two sparrows getting into the warehouse at work is the short version of the story.

The publication though is a joy and a marvel.

Eleven pages of ‘the text’ +
1 cover image with title
1 back cover
1 photo page within
2 pages left statedly intentionally blank

An incredible 16 page book thanks to an IQ test of a fold and cut procedure.

I’m trying to imagine learning it by not trying to learn it and then go from there.
As so many of the crafty small press demonstrate freedom of speech is nearly eternal but always infinite.


And now, as of a Sunday night, I’d like to just sit back with a guinness,
turn on some music, and post some of my favorite sparrow photos from over the years

011god of sparrows togetherness 2oct 2 blackwing bluejayrenku toast


December 12, 2015

New Feral In Downsview

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This morning coming up to work top of the hill I immediately see a cat because the cat is seeing me. Way off in the distance. The second you’re above the hill you can feel yourself being looked at. 001

Assuming my usual calm galopy of a walking style, I smoothely advance. A photo every pause. The cat doesn’t move at all.

The little cat’s continous eye to stare is quite remarkable.

I myself after all am simply walking into work, from the bus stop. Early morning. But for this cat I’m the quandry it didn’t need. This is a newish cat in a something of a squeeze. I know of all the gemcat descendents, little crazy fast black cats like feline bears, feral since before 2007 in a lineage, and the cats that use the broken windows and damaged cars for warmth. Could be a relative of the one with sliding eyes that died down by the brook.

Feral cats are like a weird dream in our society. Our dear little pets, but wild, surviving by zipping under cars and finding something it can eat. Our pets gone crazy.

It’s great they’re so different than us. Cats and dogs like to smell each others’ asses and humans and crocodiles really don’t.


The ironic thing with seeing this cat this morning is that as I approached it talking and attempting to communicate by gestures and crouched for a nice clear photograph the boss of the company with a used car biz there arrived to work. They have a lot of issues with attacks on their used cars. They’re always trying to catch who is damaging their used cars and windows. I have nothing at all against them and find them likeable, just neighbouring workers. Beneficence, good people. The guy rolls down his window and inquires. “I’m just interested in the cat under there. Of course the cat vanishes and it’s just a car I’m gesturing to. He starts to advance his car and I advance then pulls up beside me again. I genuinely like the guy who runs that place, cool human being, so I take the opportunity to bond, and say “the cat looks like it’s probably still pretty tame.” I hear his voice out of his car “The cat? It’s free!”


(Later when I went out on break my eyes were immediately focused on what some sparrows were doing. Didn’t even notice the police car coming along. They must have seen me looking where the sparrows were, because they went by all focused on where the sparrows had been before they came along haha

I have to know where the feral cats are at from sparrow perspective besides the other feral cats. Cats and spiders, most adaptable animals outside humans chimpanzees apes and monkeys. Monkeys and cats and giraffes. The Life!


November 23, 2015

Crazy Man on Streetcar Condemns whole busload to Hell

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My front tire’s been going soft fast ever since Friday when the bike shop put on a new tire
so I took the chance of TTC. Belgium, France, shut down, global paranoia carefully maximized
but the streetcars booming with business of a November Sunday.

This chisel faced oldschooler piles on at the first stop we come to.
He’s pure throwback, bitten features and a 1940s serious man’s tweedy boiler
and no sooner has he taken a seat then he’s rejoining the fight from the bus stop
They’d all waited about twenty minutes from the sounds of it with this guy going at them
“they’re all going to hell, confused children of Satan,” and most of those from that bus stop
are already ready to scrap with them. They’d had more than enough at the bus stop.

Usually on TTC I don’t join in those smiles and laughs at people being crazy “oh haha”

but this guy really broke the roof on it. Some of his contenders from the bus stop
were already laying into him from throng at the in the middle of the double length bus
and he was hurling apocalypse at them, all listening to their Iron Maiden and going to hell
too confused by their little devices and never had a true moment in their lives
and pretty stark with the wording! Someone on the streetcar tells him off
for saying all this shit with a child and his grandfather sitting in front of him.

Dude winds up the vocal chords and goes at grandfather and grandson
telling the ever increasing passengers that the kid, who looks about 6,
will also grow up to be a confused satan worship idiot just like his grandfather
and the grandfather’s head flips back with laughter at this incredible riser
then the supercute redhead in one of the single seats across from him
gets into it. She too had boarded at the stop that he got on at.
Just lays down the law. She’s about 5.5 and 107 pounds of artfulness
and has the smartphone engaged to film him if really gets at it.

Zero fear she strafes the guy, and I move to the outside seat to cut him off
if he physically goes at her. He jousts off attacking her listening choices
and dismissing her as an opponent. Then there’s the sound of a voice
of someone behind me who sounds like he’s about 6.4 220
who doesn’t like being called Satanic. Wiry Mr Chiselfeatures
goes full dark salt spray on the back of the bus crowd.
Reaffirming his views on Satanic modern humanity
and its continual ignorance, confusion, and distraction.

Meanwhile two large dogs and a baby carriage have completely filled the aisle
Both dogs look to have some husky in them, one all white, the other also incredibly well behaved
the redhead is now all about the baby in the baby carriage, and has joined
a communion of the infants defense crew, which is substantial,
and includes the white husky, more or less wrapping itself around the baby carriage.

Chiselface gets up and rattles a bit most perturbed by the tiny beautiful red haired gal
but heads to the front. Once vertical and way at the front he goes town
on the whole bus load. Does anyone think he cares what people think of him?
An elderly likely Greek, Italian or Portugese man at the front is now concerned
with getting past him and they argue while chisel continues denouncing us all.
Different new people to the streetcar react with shock when he singles them out.
Going to hell, fast. Completely ignorant.

We arrive to a stop and incredibly it looks like he’s getting off, but no.
He’s making a show of intimidating the old Greek man from getting off.
The Greek tells him to get out of his fucking way and get off the bus.
Chisel directs a few pointed insults at several of his foes and still again
tries to get at me with some remarks but I just look out the window.

Huge cheers as he disembarks.

On the way back, the streetcar actually hit a guy
who walked right in front of it when it was going full speed
but the guy was unhurt and just wanted to leave.
He just walked right into its path.
The double length streetcar blocked College St for 15 minutes
032before all protocols had been followed.

November 4, 2015

Downy Woodpecker of Downsview

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It was just at a random spot on the walk to lunch I decided to peer through the fence into the woods at the high end of the ravine/brook area behind the light industry in Downsview.

And right there, completely unselfconsciously, was a woodpecker busy in action, thoroughly transfixed on the job, and just fast all the time, but munching away, and darting along the tree, upside down or otherwise. I close enough to see the remarkable feet of this bird, but even so, not that easily seen with the camera. All part of a vast splendid scene there, where I’m so lucky to periodically have cause to stroll through. 4970

This particular woodpecker I think deserves a more regal name. A dazzling bird, and eating with the grace of any particularly fine eaters anyone might want to put forward. So the woodpecker pecks wood, and we have to call it a woodpecker. Like Batman and Spiderman combined into one in the non-fiction world where we are born.


November 2, 2015

November Dreams of Butterflies and Flight in General

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it’s definitely all about gliding
How do you walk up a hill? You float yourself forward
and tipping forward glide, as effortless as on flat ground if done right
just walk on it like it’s flat land, slowly and oddly but you really
can balance on a steep hill with the same pressures and weights
as on neutral land, it’s essentially the same surface force
you’re walking on. “Butterflies scale cliffs but thats one thing I wouldn’t do
it’s the same formula for walking on non gravity in the balance of things
very primitive at it. In my childhood I could fly outright.


October 25, 2015

2015 NDP Exodus

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To be the government amounts to an oath to being fair, and
also to a large extent to be good employers.

Would we be good employers if employees had worked around the clock
at incredible pace for many months and when finally the results came in
we dumped vitriol on them? I’ve worked for people like that, and I did not
consider them fair. How about thanking them for their incredibly hard work?
Mulcair, Dewar, Nash, Cash, Craig Scott, Linda McQuaig. The NDP is as strong now
as they had been. This is Canadian democracy where second place
accomplishes almost nothing. The electorate picked up on that
if the political parties didn’t. And the electorate, the governed,
are the largest party in any country.

The move to being more like the other parties, top down, frugal, ‘centrist’
was depressing for me, or maybe just boring, but we gave it a chance as a strategy.
And the Liberals deftly beat the strategy. A lesson learned. The NDP MP’s
worked unbelievably hard for those seats. They should all keep them and make
the most they can out of them. Mulcair has earned that chair.

ps Mulcair doesn’t seem all that NDP to me. So there’s that.
A respectable and admirable human being, sharing much in common
with both Liberals and NDP and even Conservative. Comes down well
on a lot of it. But I’ve never thought of the NDP as a party
where you sacrifice your own opinion in favour of what the party decides.
There can be differences within a party and if there aren’t there’s no oxygen
and the party dies. The sentence “This will get us elected” should be shelved

A growing process for everyone.

The NDP policy platform would quite definitively have been the best for me personally
and people of my sort, even though Trudeau offers some similar things.
Also the stern opposition to raiding cash from unemployment insurance into general revenue
which has somehow redefined the word insurance. And Old Age Pensions
given that my RRSP loses as much as I save every quarter
I’d say it’s inevitable I’ll be broke in old age.
The Banks take half your life savings and winnow down your half
and you’re supposed to rely on savings rather than anything solid.
The banks can lose all your savings.

What can I do? I save up money put it in RRSP and the RRSP loses it.

The Banks and insurance companies and government are all pretty much one giant thing.
And what they are is processors of what the rest of us do.

It’s just that unglamourous.

Respect 009work.

October 20, 2015

The Flowers Of Politics, Like The Flowers of Romance

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The Flowers Of Politics, Like The Flowers of Romance

There is defitely an adrenalin for the imagination in
Change. Winnipeg has reaffirmed with the Liberals
after all these years. I can easily imagine it but wouldn’t predict it.

Calgary transforming.

It’s quite comical that such a massive shift in the country’s course
arrives back to the Liberals, like back to the drawing board
with how to have all the wonderfully different people in the country
succeed in getting through winters and keeping it together in the summmers


Bridges, pharmaceuticals, old age care, small forgotten towns
attack ad companies, this election effects everyone

Yukon goes Liberal

Diversity indeed


Things worth repairing: Science and Technology, it’s got to get sensible again

Unemployment Insurance: we pay for it and no one had the right
to take it to another purpose. People need it, even if they work
in a large and stressful cities. Unemployment can occur for
many reasons. Workers get worn down at their jobs but
rather than go on disability they wish to work again, but it takes time,
or, they are struck by luck, out of nowhere an employer closes.
The good strong unemployment insurance we pay for
should be there at such times. Surpluses!


Vaughn truly talks a good game on all the Charter Rights issues.

Mulcair perhaps the most graceful affirmation speech in the history of democracy.

more flies with honey some times

Speaking of which, Stephen Harper is stepping down as leader

Moncton Riverview, St Jean Sur Le Richelieu, Windsor Ontario
downtown Ottawa, EastVan, Parkdale, Trinity,

zero Conservatives elected anywhere I’ve ever lived

Do I turn the tv off before or after Harper’s concession song 0 so weird

The people in the subway will be more cheerful I can tell you that

Stress, life under Harper, so much risktaking, not Conservative at all

Canada needs to be a thoughtful and calm country, a warm spirited country


October 9, 2015

Quebec’s Federal Politics is more colourful and fun

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A recent poll made it sound like the Niqab issue had instantly turned Quebec into a Stephen Harper loving Conservative place. But looking anew today at all the recent polls done in Quebec it’s just the two EKOS polls with Conservatives with a slight lead, while all other polls have NDP leading with Liberals in second and BQ claiming a solid fifth of voter intentions as expressed to pollsters. 016

I’ve always admired Quebec’s more progressive and libertied spirit of life so it’s hard to imagine Quebec en masse becoming Harper Conservative. In the alarm at the anomaly of it one upside would be getting to see what kind of Harper Conservatives Quebec would produce. Definitely a relief to see it was just one outlier polling firm with some different weighting formulas. The weighting of polls makes a farce of the manipulative schemata of polling. An honest reporting – ie the only truly useful kind – would be to present the data in basic form, then issue what qualifiers came to mind. As I’ve said elsewhere I only answer polls if the employee doing the poll sounds like they’re in duress from the crap they must take making even coldcalls. Provide some breathing space and at least one success without rancour. I’ve nearly had to do that job at a few points in life but luckily found other crap jobs haha. 005 Presently serving as the yogi for a group of sparrows. They’re not a large band of sparrows but they are very healthy and doing really well and have peace with the surrounding sparrows, and even pretty conscious realities with the starlings. I’ve seen them actually meet large groups of starlings in a neutral tree. Peaceful relations truly helps all.

Could Canada’s relationships with the world and relationships within Canada have gone better with another party in power federally over the last 30 years? What current of progress has been rolling over our writhing stone of a continent from Mulroney through Chretien into Harper. Life was both more instantly brutal and somehow milder at the same time in the past. We live in an era of suggested brutality, where it is thought about often if not always, as if without this constant stressful thinking it would all blow apart, constant tracking of data and information to an expensive absurdity that is of so little interest. And yet there is a massive economy of it, surely the fastest growing industry, security, surveillance, data management, data intake via internet, only resulting in a world where nobody believes anything is necessarily what it claims to be. People they know, thats it. People in SUV’s not so much. Vote SUV if you want to but speeding in lanes you don’t fit won’t stand up in courts.

Anyway I feel like I agree with the same volumes of people I had previously, and am over the shock of imagining Quebec voting Conservative. Conservatives trailing in Ontario throughout this. But Saskatchewan and Alberta seem to buckling down in pure Conservative Country of Canada. Calgary and BC going in another direction and Edmonton was always somewhat NDP. Newfoundland Labrador and the Maritimes are solidly in with the Liberals. Everyone has so much in common. Needs to be done right, not some rush job, saving money for the election by simply not fulfilling budgeted programs.

If your taxes are shaved 3% and, the value of having a government is reduced by 93% have you really gained?

I was born in Moncton and moved to St. Jean Quebec when I was 6
I take it under great advisement how you express yourselves electorally
recognizing that some don’t follow this shit or believe in it
I wonder all the time about all the places I’ve ever lived
and the people I loved or liked there

St Jean neighbourhoods a lot more like Hamilton than Windsor
and o to bring good news to east Vancouver


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