April 7, 2019

2019’s Bird Album so far and various things

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Spring has freed the birds and things have been exciting.
Even though it was partly late winter as of 2 minutes ago
they have been here all winter and more and more are arriving

There’s a bird that I believe to be a mockingbird
that’s been nesting a long while in the bushes in front of Mr Case
and has more or less dominated life around that area
for some years,. 5ish just going around the buildings
this bird would burst out in my face and go into antic variations
fearless strong bird – preguarding her nest

I’ve assumed it’s mockingbird as much on behaviour as guaranteed decals
too large to be a kingbird though I wouldn’t rule out thrust
It’s just unusual for any bird to nest in such an inconvenient place
or to guard their nest so intensely this time of year

Hawks and other very large birds try to have young in late winter
so they’re ready for summer, being birds, quite a proposition
somehow they succeed at times

Very hard to see that one but it’s one of the local area

Hawks have a natural tendency to avoid being made note of
they naturally resent it and take it quite personally

The funniest part of it all is their relations with landborn seagulls.
Hawk versus crow wars have been delighting birdwatchers on vacation for years
but the gulls handling of heavy hawk bombardment of their ranks
produces wild barking sound effects in the shipping yard

One day a wildly angry hawk flew by, exploding through the sky
and clearly warrish in state of mind, then I see two defending seagulls
chasing after it, then well beyond jehovah witness fences
I hear some bird scrap going on and then about a hundred gulls
yelling with everything they’ve got and then the hawk flying back the other way

uproar from the gull world and several gulls chasing the hawk

Who should win? I like gulls I like hawks I like sparrows
the only birds I’ve really battled outside of in dreams
aRE THE STARLINGS but only insofar as they attack my sparrows
of the sparrows nests. Other bird species eggs are a famous treat
on the menus of lots of levels of birds, but no,
shipping yard sparrows have enough to deal with
without starlings trying to make them abandon their nests
in our piping holes, which are terrible for starlings or squirrels
with these disasters of either trapped in there, awful situations
where they can’t get past each other, nightmares in the piping
all very audible as we try to work. Sparrows are fine in there
and can nift around each other squeeze by (and their knees fit!

America is fucked up this era, an unpredictable chimerical
phantom moral presence of Trump dreams and media leveraging
as the Arctic becomes the Golan Heights of North America
with Russian missile launching pads set up to shower our cities

Zero of bird life wants that

Russia has essentially arrested America’s role in Venezuela
and Syria and has a border changing strength in the north

Swans are doing great. I imagine city workers have decided
to go easier on large foul this year, but don’t worry, they’re nice.


February 14, 2019

The Sparrow News (fev 2019

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Attrition to be had for sparrow community, this time of year.
Whip winds storm blast winds ever changing forms of snow
then everything flooded than everything frozen and covered.

They’re ecstatic when it’s occasionally clear.
They don’t mind some wind fun days flying
but wind that can throw you against a wall
wind that can leave you lost on the ground
wind that becomes impossible.

Wind that carries you away from your known area.
And ice pellets.

So the sparrows make themselves scarce.
Not a soul would suspect a sparrow in this
part of the city.

No sparrows over there, just that typical white company van.

No there’s nothing out here.

December 9, 2018

Irreparable Damages

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What is the endeavour of life on earth?

Presently it’s sort of carved out where
if everyone’s working away at everything,
30 to 50% can afford an attractive life
with house and cars and educations for the kids
and good health care and high living standards
while the rest struggle in the margins
solvent some of the time
not others

rounding off the 30 to 50 per cent (regional)
calling it the 40%, tons of them are these middling middle men,
business schools, “joined of the ownership class”
They are the conservative party, adding to their base
with hate campaigns, rages at the poor, racial fears
the whole melee of upsetting things and financing
media bombardment. They hoodwink everyone else
and turn us into their chattel, dogs, goats, targets.
How shall the economically unviable de;\

Once transitioned to another system, how to afford
the beefy businessmen? And, violent guys?
And hazardous demanding greedy people who will have what they want no matter what
and huge people and huge animals? What will everyone eat?
Which speces will survive at all?
How will building structures be distributed?
What will die to feed others?
How will everyone eat pork and cows.
Raised to be slaughtered.
In the way.

Who is in the way of who?

The human question is down to the bone at this point,
the myths are going up like firecrackers.

The point of what I think of as ‘schewed capitalism’
is to be arbitrary, so as to obfuscate all of these questions.

Because people don’t really know how to design something intentional.

A resource economy, where the chief wealth is land water minerals forests oil
and the oceans on either side, plus technology.
There’s no a priori wealth, there is only “a world”

It’s defined humanity for thousands of years
some live in palaces and castles and mansions
and the rest in a vast comb of caves
stressed to find a survivable bully boss
and then a tolerable awful landlord
or in this era, a rip off condo
near a death trap veteranarian for your cat

life’s trajectories

What there is is no system at all,
just a management of a non-system

Canada becomes a collective response to other countries,

* saying that, People will think that o no, the Orbans and Reagans
definitely have a system, no – they have systemic problems,
systemic ways, but only such as gain them power,
gaming the non-system we live in, and then haggling in courts
to “win” arbitrary questions of what happened

some think democratic protest and the unions
can force the ‘government and corporations’ to turn
but you wind up grabbing handfuls of a decaying corpse
taking some obscure lives down effecting nothing

It’s terribly important that there is
a politicized expression of dissatisfaction
protests are oxygen, and unions and ngo’s improve life
but the new system hasn’t presented itself
with any plausibility to frame the people that exist here
before even getting into other countries circling like hawks
trying to win the sky war so the roadkill is their’s.
Predatory Global Capitalism doesn’t disappear vi local election

The recent Canada Post strike is a perfect example.
After a year of non-negotiating, the situation wasn’t just
destroying Canada Post as a reliable service,
it was destroying the people who use Canada Post.

And, there was no hope of agreement.

A Crown Corporation knows that ultimately it is no skin in the game
for Crown Corps

They are government which means trusting people from everywhere to be perfect

thank you

the expectation is perfection
for crown corporation no matter what
but if private business fail pn;ovopm
there is no system

They don’t have to negotiate, or acknowledge anything.

Too big to fail. If it were gone there is nothing else that would replace it.
Where is the motivation for CP to say “oh my, we will perish
fi we do not negotiate” They have no reason to care
Ultimately upon the crashing of tens of thousands of other businesses
where people work just has hard, the next government
would have to say “what will we do about the mail?
Civilization wouldn’t be there to put back together again.
It was a clear instance of the non-system backfiring
self-destructing. It would be too late to repair the damage.

The private companies don’t have the capacity.
People depend on their government mailings
their bills, parcels, medicine, books, legal documents.

29 dollars to send a feather to Banff
or 1 stamp to mail it 0 Private or Public

There’s no private company version of that

residential addresses
there’s no replacement

and yet they elect a landlord’s angry baboon to office

many types of ape, even among humans,
and humans or apes with teeth
it’s a political disaster zone
an open wound of demolished politics of every kind

One group servitude, the other group cottages and international travel

an end to shame, step up and speak your true place in this world and plan

the super powerful rich winners worlwide
don’t plan for happy endings
they fight off opponents to their status
and that is their philosophy

we’re fighting against a corpse, not some scapegoat local

the great nothing

end transmission
ads below here
unknown forever

October 29, 2018

A Walk in the Planetary Sun

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I enjoy every day both arriving to work and leaving at the end of the day. The job is situated atop the ravine systems of Toronto. The views are terrific. Great distances down I’ve seen deer, coyotes, great blue herons, 7 varieties of hawks, rabbits scamper out along the way as well. Our vast light industrial plaza or ‘village’ of warehouse buildings and other businesses all in the same style, ringed by a cliff dropping to the ravine and a local brook. I call it the oversion river since I can never determine its name. There’s a Glen Brook bus stop but why would you call a brook, Glen Brook? Why not call it a Brook Glen? Oversion River, connects the waters of the west with the waters of the east, going under Dufferin.

Usually the mornings are the best for photos.
Early starts result in dazzling dawn sunshine
and maximum wildlife. Afternoon exits get sunset tunnels
and sometimes I really do just and turn go the other way.
In the mornings I only think about it.
Turning the corner
This is where that lead

To Sheer Beauty, as some roads do.

And the thing about a sun like that is that you can turn
and see what it is shining on

August 20, 2018

Recent News Less Covered

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A lot on my plate to discuss with recent developments
in otherwise unfollowed concerns.

The brook gulley brook that goes under Dufferin North at the 44oo Dufferin bus stop
has been facing the squeeze. Storm releases, sudden enormous almost combustive
sewer awful smells and foam. Nightmarish for me since I’ve had so many encounters with rabbits deer ducks herons wild cats and little birds down in that gulley, regular families of birds

You could smell it all up in the street

And there it goes out into the reservoir, but at least there’s been a sense of a plan.
I called 311 a few weeks ago about the phenomenon. It’s such a thoroughly obscure locale
it took piles of explanation to say where it was. There were reports of the bad algae out Humber Bay

and then the water slowly fills with the animals that die in the poisin water
making it get more toxic, all the animals and birds that rely on the water

And then indeed city workers showed up analyzing it
and putting in these filters. Like hay.

They had them set up at various points along the way.
Lower taxes means doing less things like that,
and the outcome leads to our extinction.

And in other unreported news,

One of the talismans of the sky appeared friday evening
with much uproar in the preceding clouds

August 5, 2018

Sparrows perfect days

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Mostly about photos this one. A testament to the difficulties of the world
and of the necessity of some joy in each day. Some perfect sublime moments.

For instance in the afternoon

of a hot workday rain, the sparrows had a lasting deep puddle to frolic in
Where I was working I could see them through the shipping doors
landing delightedly

at the nearest edge of water and having a beak full
then stepping into it.

In such hot weather it’s tough seeing other people and birds and animals suffer.

Few adjust more quickly than sparrows to anything, but they do experience
die off in extreme hot and extreme cold, and who needs to witness that while working?



The sight of the puddle was uplifting. Hot days I put out some seed for them
in shady areas. There’s a dove couple and a cardinal couple that visit.
But mostly I’m just leading my group of sparrows

to the most success they can have and all the sparrows in the area. The entirety of the sparrow world is spirit family.

Not to discount people in other areas who look after their sparrows.

And let’s not overstate things. I love the sparrows, but am in love with the Doves.

The euphoria one the doves fly in, always an hour and 20 minutes late

for dinner, but enthusiastically arriving…  and they’re always so happy about it, such tender beings and

surprised every time.



More often one at a time but sometimes both.
The sparrows are used to them now.

They dine in peace








You’ve probably wondered how birds react to birds from further south staying the winter. Bird world and human world possibly similar. The doves staying the winter was big news to my world last winter, what with the disasters in their migratory path and the fact Texans make them the most often shot bird on the planet teaching their kids to hunt in this era of pitiable wildlife being spatially eliminated by human needs for expansion and deer and rabbit and bears suffering heat waves.

Global warming: a curse on life,

from the real addicts,

Oil companies in numerous well known countries.

The doves are better off wintering here,

and they have some winterizability.

The cardinals winter here too obviously,

and gets along fine with the doves.

Dove offspring look just like plump starlings.

Always so neatly groomed. Cardinal in flight photo still to get some day. You wait them out and they wait you out then flash gone. A stop and start speed faster than the human mind. 021

June 23, 2018

The Downs of Downsview

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There’s a plateau of land coming in from the north
Vast flatlands with winds from as far north as Sault
Ste Marie and Thunder Bay, temperatures 10 degrees colder
than down the ravines into the city of Lower Toronto

Not that I’m complaining. When life is easier.
when trees are fresh, life is good.

sci fi times, even the supernatural community is wondering, wtf iwp

That said, in real time, this is as good as it gets

June Rain

February 5, 2018

2018 TTC

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Needs to be a lot calmer environ.

Myself what people can’t see is that my left leg doesn’t bend or fold.
It’s a really TTC injury, relevant no place else,
but I can’t be jammed vertical into one of those no=knee=room seats at all,
it’s physically impossible, and I take up a lot more space if airborne.
Rather die in a ditch in the country than do the sardine can.
Zen, but I’d say no if asked going in.
I’d say no. Not going to die that way.
Identify with birds. My legs are like luggage.
Like pianos. And my coat and back pack
it’s like sending an antelope north

The system overloads if there’s any problem at all is the issue

but many weeks it all goes fine

December 10, 2017

Barlow wins Pulitzer for long email to friend, and other news

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Needless to say, I was glad to win the Pulitzper Prize for any reason
but was doubly impressed that what I won for was this email to one other person.
Talking on the phone is only good for light things. It takes a long email
to get everything and I do mean everything out there and dealt with on that
first go, and only then can you begin to think about it in the contexts required
toward how the world actually proceeds, and not just reflection and refraction.
Inevitably true science requires that level. Correspondence whole.

Had to decline the Pulitzer though. Totally private correspondence,

si cela ne vous dérange pas
Pulitzer Nobel Peace Prize
free speech awards
save the animals keep lakes alive
get the plastic out of the ocean preserve water;.

X biodiversity will last us out

November 26, 2017

Jazz of Lost Sunsets

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It was maddening. We’d readied the skid hours before and called it in.
It was to be a rare this year day, I’d actually leave early.
The last coworker took off at three, or a few minutes before. (*Molly)
And I really had no worries. They’re so reliable. We’d told them 3.

I went out back and found the world transformed. It was like the
greatest spiritual event ever in my lifetime were happening, due west.
The entire sky was aglow, was amazing,

…And all I needed was for the truck to come take the skid
and I was in the perfect area to chase down that sunset

4:30pm as per protocol I call to confirm all’s well with the pickup
“They’ll be there by 5” “Not until 5?”
“They will be there before 5.”
“I can’t leave until they come. If it’s before 5, fine.”
Call back at 5:10. “half an hour away”

Meanwhile the sky has done every imaginable thing in the meantime
but I’ll never know why. What was going on beyond the building?

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