October 3, 2015

the best form of self-defense is a non-violent life …truly

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Bill C-51 and Earth

My thoughts about this, if anyone wonders, aren’t directed toward court rooms, but towards means of not letting effect behaviour. It’s to suffocating and miserable to live in a way that is geared towards how it will be viewed future employers’ doing background checks or by secret agencies given free lance power or by hackers for that matter. When it comes to government surveilaince, one rationalization helps take it off my mind if it ever is on it: In the pre C-51 world, the technology was there, the ability was there, and those in the police service willing to use it, ie., to cheat, already had that opportunity to do so. And it’s mainly the ones that would cheat one worries about being given omnipotent supralegal power over others. That more may cheat now that it’s legal, and unobserved, is possible. But I have a second provisio. While there is said to be too little or no oversight, since much of it is conducted on computers, there is that kind pure and absolute record of the internet portion, and all other digital portions. Cheaters would know that ultimately it is knowable every decision they made. (Cheaters being those who use such power with illegitimate motive, or just illegitimately.) The digital world is a kind of absolute oversight to all that sweeps through it. It is people who have a vestige of common spirit of being, of wanting this much shared this much mutually. Even as lovers might meet every Sunday but not get in each other’s hair the rest of the week haha. Mutually developed degrees of sharing. The Other doesn’t want to know every detail of the lover’s days at work and on the bus and essentially relive their life continuously while living their own. Do not lose your humanity.


Russia Invades Syria/Skies, or, the sky doesn’t rise in the west

everything that was already true is true anyway. I find a lot of this guy’s write up of it informative but don’t really agree with his interpretation of Putin’s or Russia’s motives or intents, specially as regards to U.S. politics, though agree with waiting him out, as the outcome will far exceed the plan, in meaningful result. Russians versus the mysterious and less and less real sounding ISIS. Shouldn’t such information devouring countries know where the money is coming from by now? They capture an oil well – who buys the oil?




every animal is an individual
they are collective though
in their way


At least someone knows you said it
You are in fact free



Saudi Arabia beheads more people than ISIS,it’s like their calling card, and Canada is helping arm them. 911 was principally Saudi. Osama Bin Laden was like the New England Patriots of Saudi Family. The oil industry has the money to do nearly anything.

Human beings can also

October 1, 2015

The Bird Newspaper, September 30, 2015

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Starlings are this magnificent species of bird.
There are over 400,000 of them nearyby at any given tine

Every change of season the very organized group sends teams of high end starlings
to scout then invade full out in sudden takeovers the sparrows habitats
in the old piping holes and damaged shipping dock buffers and some of the vents
as happenchance works.

Some of the vents are deathtraps for birds I expect, or even portals into the building’s
disastrous for a bird interior. That aside, it is general full fledged sparrow territory.
The whole workplace area goes Sparrow all around the building, light ecological footprint
and cleans for insects, and never attacks people. Starlings are double or triple the size
and brilliantly intellectual birds, far more evolved than humans, just not in our piping and vents
The Starlings are large, in the vents and piping it’s a winterlong nightmare
like the worst hbo addictive season ever, the starlings just going insane in the piping
and every monday morning a dead starling having worked its way all through the piping

sparrows just stay in the little area there, near the opening. they ‘re scared of the dark
because as you know, it is has never been completely dark outside, at times it’s been dark
but there is always light – until trapped indoors in a workplace birds shouldnt’ go
May 2015


The good news is that no sparrows or starlings are trapped in the building.
Such stress once a bird gets in.


I live in pure sparrow territory
so while I respect starlings enormously
it’s pure sparrow territory.
They need it, it’s their’s, that should be the end fo it.
I look for peace with the starlings.
they have a much larger world
our building and the nearby plaza are sparrow nests
and I will throw things

That said starlings are magnificent


September 28, 2015

Supermoon 2015 (before it disappeared)

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August 27, 2015

Olive is here

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All I can offer is the essence of value, being a dream. but I bet you will have similar results. The great regulator of diet and body chemistry is, The Olive. It will not fail you. The solid integrity of the Olive once inside you immediately sets to work balancing and refreshing all of the organs – all become more olive like – while providing in nutrition and strength a near infinite and almost patient supply of helpful anything you might need. Too rushed for breakfast in the morning? Who isn’t? Eat two or three olives and have no worries til noon. Your organs will happily work over the olives, with their elusive oils. Not wanting to confront a long afternoon of digestion while busy? Have some olives. And a nap. Home from work and thinking of nuts, chips and cookies? Have several olives, and get that sense of satisfaction. Midnight snack? Olives. My Grand Aunt married a man last name Olive. Been out of touch since the 30s, maybe the war. Gramma’s sisters married all over Canada.


August 20, 2015

Offbeat Pleasures of the Today

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The day here had puzzling off beat pleasures in store tucked unexpectedly along the way.

When I set off in the morning, unlocking my bike, I see a reddish grey squirrel
feasting on my immediate neighbour’s vegetable patch in the back yard,
a squirrel I delight in, scamming on fencetop and up and down the trees all day
having dared to come down and eat the kale. That made me happy!
Then when I got off the bus in Downsview – Downsview, Ontario, where I was conceived,
despite being born in Moncton and never having been to Ontario.

Immediately I see way in the distance a white shap in the trees
that nothing but a hawk itself could put there. So I take a different cut through
to get from the bus stop to my job so I can get as near as possible to the hawk
and if it’s not a hawk then what has someone gotten up that tree somehow?
Picturing city workers with massive cranes installing one of those Cantonese lamps
sturdily on the tallest tree suited to it.



Even when I got nearer I still wondered a bit. But then I saw the hawk looking different directions
and back at me, in reaction to my looking at it. And once your eyes get the focus
on the relation with the hawk, all the rest of the eyes focus better
so I got the best photo possible and had a few tries getting it to fly.
I was faraway with a fence ravine and creek between, and the hawk was high up a tree.
By focusing and drawing the hawk’s eye, when I could see eye to eye in the distance
I made a couple of shoulder movements like I was launching at it, really momentary gestures
unnoticeable to the wednesday morning human mind, just that split second of seeming
but the hawk wouldn’t fly, just stared back at me all serious.


Finches, Cedar Waxwings, Gulls, Starlings, Grackles plentiful, and screaming Jays, heard not seen.

Any other news of the day?


Totally cool that the Toronto Star is now mint, doing all the heavy lifting,
along with Rosemary Barton on Power and Politics, and all that ‘the media’ represent
even on a.m., people being better educated and cared for.

Looking like NDP Govt with Liberal as Opposition, Conservatives will
elect almost as many seats but those will be knocked out for crime or scandal
ultimately not a factor <3

Our Canada, such as it is, the 67%

August 12, 2015

Rare Hawk Convergence

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I’d been hearing a hawk crying out over the building
so when I got out of work I was really happy to be free
to wander around looking for the hawk. I saw a huge one,
not a local; blackish with queen anne’s lace brilliant edgings.

It was riding huge winds at its altitutes, screaming away
most entertainingly. What could have it mad?
Three seconds raising the camera and it was 3000, 4000, 7000 feet away


I’d barely taken 15 more steps around the side of the building
when again to my left I hear hawk screams. They’re coming in loud
and scrapy, and I can’t tell distance, but different directions.
Get to a clear spot and I see two similar hawks in the sky
both setting up and then just letting the wind hit them
wings out not moving a muscle purest sailing
periodically screaming.

I get a photo and they go zooming back across the building complexes where I work
and I think, hawk show over, but only a second goes by, when I hear
another hawk scream, still from the left. So this hawk screams
and is answered from the other two, and the first one,
big hawks moving in, at least for the evening. To view the Plaeiades

Hang time of the photo the hawk covers 700 feet and lands tree top
3rd on the left


Therefore, that one is that tree back around the cover behind the buildings,
a few large trees back, and the other two are back beyond our building,
and the first one fanned off south, and I get to the bus stop and hear
a hawk cry out. I really should have skipped evening plan and gone looking
to see what the hawks were gathering for.



July 27, 2015

The Ants in my Backyarddata:text/mce-internal,%3Cimg%20class%3D%22alignnone%20size-medium%20wp-image-5944%22%20src%3D%22https%3A//oversion.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/012.jpg%3Fw%3D300%22%20alt%3D%22012%22%20width%3D%22300%22%20height%3D%22225%22%20/%3E

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It’s pretty terrible. I know everyone has insects this time of year NSXity Services works on it

What caught my eye though was when I lifted the bricks to side and let the massive colonies breathe summer fresh air within a minute they had moved the majority of the eggs. It’s hard not admire them

They managed to carry every egg into the seams

Tonight looking under every brick no eggs



My little house plant, an import from deserts afar, but not a sun loving plant, thrives a few inches from where the ants had been, rumoured now to float above their infinity.





Brad’s strangest plant yet, on his side of the yard. There’s a tendency to imagine quite a volume of seeds emerging from these never before seen being.




July 1, 2015

Consciousness in time

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the real canada still exists
the friendly canada.
so different the world world
instead of the politically talked about world
Police brutality had turned a sizeable part of the community against the state
and they weren’t riots, they were standing their ground – helicopters fly over
but people are mostly friendly on the ground
in fact people just stand out of your way
99.999 go about their day without conflict
even actual gangsters wouldn’t be tripping people in the subways
routinely calm days
The last time something actually happened was the big power outage
eventless days on the subway
I find the Greater Toronto section of the Toronto Star the best 
for mornings, but will read metro daily cover to cover
vapid world monitor with curnels of reality 
but on writing theory and fast learning the blend of calisthenics mental calisthenics in non-gravity situations
and turning uphills into levels with only re-examination of the hill
and associated shifts in walking style
uphills are practically energizing where you can lean on the hill as you walk
even while using the uphill gravity to smoothe out hip and leg cramps or
and it all applies to poetry every second of it from kwai chiang caine to the sparrows that day
communicative beings they are
influenced by everything, as we all are

June 18, 2015

Wioletta Greg’s Finite Formulae and Theories of Chance as translated by Marek Kazmierski in reviewq

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Such a great book of poetry. I’ve found six or seven poems and quotes would directly go in to the great poetry joys of all time with William Butler Yeats Second Coming, WS Merwin’s Beginning, NS Shelley’s Clouds and the wind itself. Poems so fast or changeful every word so quick.

My first read of the poems my habitualist western mind’s speed counts was missing constantly, zipping to the end of the punctuation and having to go back.
Thats why poetry lasts 400 years whereas prose struggles to find a century or two.

Reading again and again and better the next time there’ll be poems that the same person has re-read hundreds of thousands of times as well as everyone else re-reading them several dozen times just like hearing Bob Marley songs ‘could you be love’ and the many forms of punk poetry all over the planet

but so fantastic
“A man leaps out of a four wheel drive and, camera in hand, runs toward the rushes. I’m certain he wants to show his wife, who is dying in St. Mary’s Hospital, how pale blue heron’s eggs are hatching by the lake.”

My first experience of that

It was fully exhiliarating reading every poem, always my mental assumptions of pacing flying end over end and having to go back and on third try getting the turn of grammar completely with triple pay off


May 14, 2015

Encounter with Constabulary, and dooring issues

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I had a full fledged interaction with the constabulary today.

It went well. Zooming on my bike
via every shortcut toward the subway station –
like Apollinaire – scores! – Rangers! –

There’s an oft empty little park but today
one side of it was swarming with kids and teachers,
wildly unpredictable for a cyclist

so I went around the park the other way
and presto, they’ve got two giant policemen there
stopping people who – car or bike – didn’t
come to full stop at the stop sign.
No one comes to a full stop at that very open
wide view intersection unless someone’s crossing or in the way.
(I for one never run anyone over and just get out of the car’s ways…
Needless to say every passerby on wheels was being processed.
It was like being carded. And at the same time, it was
being. They were nice. If I had to do it every day
I’d choose another route or not go –
Our neighbourhood here legitimately is
the safest mplace in North America
this is sheer John Toryism
maybe he’s a Tory and the harpercons asren’t
but rather oil mongers from a failed tea party sect of terrorism
go on rcmp csis army take down the scandella’s
with billions in false advedrtizxing party promotion
and cruel criminal failures of the constitution
and self interested spending
some half baked theoretical politics
..I myself have no political following and am against following
but my politics for roughly 25 years
would have been better than elected

end of the day though all this scanner data
john tory’s google earth

I knew I’d not stopped at the visible stop sign
and that my bike has no bell or light and I wear no helmet
meaning I could be lectured for half an hour and ticketted
for hundreds of dollars. Grim.

I pull to a stop and have the sense of relief – I’m on the way to work
so there’s not a thing controversal about me –
no mickey nor ought else, just yesterdays’ newspapers
and the honey lemon lozenges I have to prevent throat catches
on the subway – that have lasted all winter , and trala, I have
no record of any kind so I just go full on with cooperation and respectfulness

I’ve still got it. They loved me.
One was about 6.8 and the other about 6.6
so that was weird. Giant polite white guys, damned impressive.
Really clear spoken, non-inflammatory, clear and firm and definite,
but most importantly is clear, this is exactly whats happening.
one likely 40, the other more like 29 or so, if that,
hard to tell age with really tall people.

Pure patience as the 6.8 40 yr old took my health card
into his cruiser and typed things in for twenty minutes.
Shrugs when I had to say no, I don’t have a drivers license
or anything with my address on it. Only the health card with photo.
And the throat lozenges. That and a maroon coloured jersey
no one else would wear. People know it’s me. Thats all I got.

Took so long the younger cop suddenly laughs.
We’ve been standing there like statues for ever
and it seems like he wants to give up the ghost,
say ‘Obviously everyone on a bike rolls through there
and no park go’ers have ever been hit, and obviously
I’m not doing anything else, but try to go to work,
perfectly nice reasonable person doing the same little bike ride
he’s done for 15 years to that same subway station in all seasons
without incident as either perpettrator or victim of crime –
Ive been neither for 33 straight years in the area
minus 1989-92 where I had identical results in Vancouver.
(People have tried to get after me, but failed.
And I have a full on strong and intense preference
to not harm people or animals or damage anything
and so ~

The 29 year old 6.5 guy after deformalizing a little and conversing
about crime in the area – I think he’d also noticed I was a fair
bit older, and civil, and not some rampaging freewheeller rawbrain out there
so we discussed traffic issues in the area, –
the subtleties of the dooring issue – ‘like rifles, they open their door – boom’
but we both knew that tickets and creating tension about it
won’t help with the instinct in a car to be talking and pop the door open
as you’re getting out, breaking off conversation with the person who gave them a lift *
a politeness to the favour of liftgiving that costs we bicyclists our lives
and well being. I’ve been a car passenger
When suddenly deciding to get out at a red light
from in traffic, the haste and complexity of doing it quickly
and expressing enough thanks is nearly impossible.
You’re checking over your shoulder and talking to the driver
and preparing to get out of the car all at once.
Busses are the only ones that do it right, not opening the door
until at the stop. Yet it seems obvious to say hey we’re stopped anyway
and do this fast exit.

Just then another bike comes whirring around the corner
and the 29 year old steps out there, now he looks 6.8
hand out, and I watch a cyclist enjoy the rhapsodic bliss
of encourtering two giant police of a sudden, while hurrying to work
guilty of going past a stop sign.

And in the same moment the now 6.9 one comes over
a neck and head taller than me, so odd to look up to someone
to that extent, as I haven’t conversed with anyone that much taller than me
since grade 7, A fit but thick and strong 6.9
he gives me back my health card,
says today they are issuing warnings
and you’ve been nice to me so I’m going to let you go
with a warning. Gives me this whole typed up thing
that I did not read at the time. And lost by the time I was at work.
It fell out of my pocket and I have no idea what was on it.
Lost either on the streets or in the subway
or on the bus because I forgot all about it
til telling Molly at work about the occurance.
Tiring workday then once home bike to the bus station
to get my ticket for Saturday, then long tiring uphill back
and up a stiff cement incline to a noxious busy downtown street
a mass of police in bright yellow jackets. Weird as well.
and the light just turning yellow as I get there exhausted
with a long uphill ride home to finally terminate the workday.

At least 8 police in near enough distance to see my
bike has no bell. And I’m standing there on my bike
beside them facing the long uphill of that intersection
with zapping annoying traffic from all angles
thinking just how tiring it would be
to have one of them make an issue of the
paraphenalia on my bicycle. Physical day work
extra complexity to journey to work,
long ride to make sure I get my tickets at the greyhound station
long ride ahead when i’m ready to lie down and nap
and my right leg had had more than enough through the day.

And I hear one of them say “The day went better than expected
pretty well in fact” – and the light turned and I heliumed off
go by more police ahead, no idea why so many downtown today
some event.

I get past that area and no sooner into regular biking streets
I’m nearly doored by this guy who launches his car door out of nowhere
almost deliberate, and I do this big fan out move on my bike
and look to say what hell and the guy looks angrily at me
and I hear him shove his door out even more forcefully
making a point because he was mad at how I looked at him
for nearly dooring me.

Tomorrow I shall be on the island. 001

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