May 1, 2015

Earliest Incipient Spring

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DSCF0141 Spring has rarely been so gloriously warm yet mild after the intensely wintry winter thats come through, paring away at the wildlife through the winter. But there are winged foul in the air and little fast birds and cats still. Whats a few days of foraging for them is hiphop orchestra in trees, which produce spring growth at a rate of by the second of sunshine, while everything mammalian and inner skeletonned is just mentally adjusting, and starvedly looking for food. It’s been so cold some of the groundhogs have just let go.

All the hibernators amaze me but the trees have it down and they were visibly transforming all day – get those leaves out there! as if every branch were poets at work. DSCF0148DSCF0146DSCF0149DSCF0144DSCF0147DSCF0143DSCF0145

April 27, 2015

April 27 Squirrel Week Begins!

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Nice spring day here, nice spring. And Mondays are so special.
Mondays you get to get up into your worklife and get a taste of the future.

“Another weekend ends in photos and waking to a rainy workday”


The concerns of the week so distinct from the concerns of Saturday and Sunday
At any given time how many hundreds or thousands may be rioting
but 98% are doing what they do, taking the kids to school,
doing mass transit, learning something at their job
The time comes when the Koch Bros could respect all the effort

You did it, you solved the riddle of the Sphinx and survived the winter

Myrical Clouds Day

California will soon be out of water and already was disaster prone
I know people there and know they love it
but no water can be a bit of a headache
Here we live in what was once the largest fresh water ocean
back when the shore was up in Downsview (1000,000 years ago
or back when it was at St Clair Avenue and the traintracks 10,000 years ago
All of downtown Toronto is the bottom of this former ocean
and Lake Ontario is still as large as time is convex
and even cement will be opals and diamonds in a billion years


The feral cats may not appreciate this either
and yet it’s a struggle for them as well
beautiful cat006
This one really impressed me. His or her positioning there
on the steep landfall down into the ravine below our industrial tableau
reinforced with endless concrete the cat is in the rough
stalking a squirrel in a tree that goes all the way down
to the land around the creek, where it’s like glaciers
crashed into an already extant lake in prehistory
plunged out the ravine system (in the suddenly chill area
Imagine living here as glaciers came through!

and there’s this cat, a 100 foot up the side of the fall
patiently watching the squirrel 004

Squirrels have made themselves so unpopular with so many people
who just dream of a world without squirrels
but squirrels are a fantastic species
I’ve bought a whole bag of quality nuts and look forward to amazing them
as the week begins


April 3, 2015

A Myanmar Prison – In the Name of the Buddha

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I try to think of any belief or totem of thought that would lead to the belief
in such a sentence being valid – Something some other party could say
about something I believed in that would merit their punishment as a nonbeliever
on such strict grounds. There simply isn’t anything. If someone indicated harm
to someone you could see putting them out of the option to do that harm.
But a remark, an image, about something everyone knows some believe in
and some do not remains ridiculous to me.

Even as the Good Friday Easter Sunday presentations ready themselves.
It’s a yearly challenge, between fascinating reminscenses across my
five and a half decades, (and sincere lack of belief or even sense-making
of the religion. …Roman penal system tortures the still young wonderkind to death
in grotesque public display, and out of this beginning, Rome becomes
centre of the church obsessed with crucifiction and redemption after suffering,
mercifulness, and an ever emboldened activist strip. It’s not that it’s not
dramatic enough for me, but evidence. So I’d be an apostate in orthodox Russia
(like the female punk band, yes, pussy riot) or a heretic somewhere else
or an evil atheist in a born again stadium church in America. But I would not
stop thinking I was just myself, with every right to exist, reflecting on the world I’m in.


April 1, 2015

Today in Cloud Meetings

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We are clouds, hot red clouds
in dry smoothe winter skin
in clouds of thought all the time
cast zooming across the sky

We are such small fiery little clouds
that we see the clouds as if they
were in slow motion, a laughable notion.
Constantly observing still frames

and with no access at all to the
greater interconnectedness of it all
No way at all to see all the cloud movements
and challenges of any given day


March 5, 2015

Ice Falcons and Merganser Falconry

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???????????????????????????????The joy that is weather

and the foible that the city avoids lawsuits

in a thick briny coating on all the electrical works in the city
to cause outage generating corrosion
large swathes of town including my work environ
without Electricity today. So after weeks
of being tortured with stories of suffering ducks
on the lake frozen out of their food and habitat,
I hurried down there with kale and bread
in the unexpected day off
to try to reach the odd one,
with another ARCTIC BLAST coming in tonight
as ABC put it. (Arctic Blast Corporation, we could call it.)
All I found were these three
Ice Falcons, each different looking because of the cold.
One was a spectacular interfolding many shades of
brown and white and blackish, incredibly similar to a duck really,
though these were Ice Falcons, because of their behaviour.
Another had a velvetty green head and flashed bright&black patches
on his wings, like the people of Northern England do, especially on holiday.
With falcons you have to catch them in the mood to be photographed
and the third one, obviously somewhat thinned by the non-advancing weather
circled wide and far and back over us again.
The distance he flew made one entirely doubt it was thinking of our little area. The last time it came along I’d already had a couple tries with the camera  fast like about 90 miles an hour, the long sleek bird looked like a machine gunner plane coming straight at me but on this last charge such as horns should have been resounding rapidly it hurled out its wings and parts and landed.
No interest in the bread or kale for this one tho, that was attracted most
by the patch of unfrozen water, which our presence had alerted it too.
You will see all three of the birds in the final frame very clearly.

February 12, 2015

Where I Went Today

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Left work a little early for the terrific snowfall


While it was a bit of a “snow storm”
the air was fresh and the temps were warmest they’d be
through early next week (

and it was such a photographic opportunity


the snow felt nice
the air was fantastic
like aloe vera champagne
and there was a hawk to follow



I was also prey

having followed the hawk well into the woods
then seeing it flying back from whence I had come
figured i’d press on, sensed movement above
and it was all these starlings


then was back the way i’d come. Those starlings
those starlings could have swarmed down on me
it was a strange moment when as i went beyond them
the whole group moved up to the next tree again overhead again


so good for the oxygen
and excercize for the legs



January 26, 2015

The Musical Chairs of Winter

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The cold coffee grounds of January
are now building up
in the corners of rooms.
Some minds waver
to an all is pain
sub zero temperature and
existence complications turmoil
that gets right into the body structure
the constant wind and cold
and special intervening admixture of damp
in its special times
and places.

In slow motion
as the athletic migrant sensibility
attempts to live with ever further injury
into the winter. When the temperature rises slightly
the dampness rises
and seems to carry the messages of
what people have been feeling
released into the atmospheric moment

And then it gets colder
again and things square off
some in, some out,
as the musical chairs gaming
of housing and shelter runs gamuts
through each individual’s planning

All of it as if played out on a ship at sea
where there’s no other options.



January 17, 2015

Clouds In Love, and Afterward

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January 4, 2015

Respecting Democracy, Respecting Obama’s Domestic Policy

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While it’s true that it was Lincoln the Republican that
ended slavery and attempted to consecrate ideals of law
as regard for human dignity, as had others re the latter.
The whole thing was based on how abusive and intolerably
greedy the needy British had become. The idea of being
in a new place and why the hell should it all go to England?
They bridled well against this and created this amazing
new country. They didn’t like being harassed by the State.

So a lot of the libertarian anti-tax side of
the Republicans and profound wariness of State,
all the way out to the crazy guys in the mountain woods,
stamping around in their manfreedom,
are reflecting the inspiring origin of the country.
In a way it’s like rubics’ cube of a knot
with that strand going all the way out there,
while in urban centres people realize 90%
of what everyone does is essentially collective
and interwoven effecting all. At work when I
jump in the recycle bin to stamp everything down,
balancing on the already above full giant
miscellany of boxes, thats good for the employer
And good for the whole system, allowing their
massive garbage and recycle trips to transport more,
tidying the world. Less gas and hydraulics,
one shot get the area cleared out and fewer
animals spending the nights in the bins.
If there’s less cardboard in there jumping in
is more dangerous and it’s impossible to get out.

Everything effects everything,

the trading room people however purely analytic,
the system itself chiming away for better or worse,

One thinks of Jacobi Jones wanting to earn 15 yards
on the kickoff return rather than be given anything,
he’d always rather take his chance with the ball.

Thats magnificent individualism, and valid,
but so much of the activity of the world is collective.
A collective having 55,000 fans and 1,200 part time employees
besides the teams and officials and media
have it all go smoothely? Time and time again?
Thats everybody working. It’s everyone working
including the many stations of government and union personnel.
A young anarchist being confronted on a bus by police
told them they were just social workers with guns
(so accustomed to arrest he used it as a time to editorialize,
super intelligent kid; or, outcast, part of the maybe 9%
to just have no role in the system, besides the disabled,
and others who are unwanted, and those temporarily incommoded,
which can happen to anyone in our fateful world.
Why create people for whom the situation is impossible?

History has moved on on many old issues of the past.
It is mere decency not to persecute. Most people know that.

There has also been the unAmerican persecution of Obama’s Presidency

not just in catcalls from the most ill wings
of the Republican Party but represented in voting
without conscience of thought to the purpose of the vote
but only to thwart Obama, to harass his legacy,
for what seem like racist reasons.

At best you could call it an antidemocrat racism,
absurdly demonizing Democrats including
obviously well meaning and intelligent ones who most likely
have a talent for what they’re doing.
Mario Cuomo was the sort of person who could have
done anything at all and done it well, with that
same high standard and naturalness,
even through the difficult realities
of such an entity as The State of New York.

How function on such scale? How does it become
binary and lights out noncooperative?

If the Republicans want any trek with the future,
and respectfully grant Obama the duly elected freedom
to do what so many worked so hard to successfully do
because it was necessary. It is not too late for them
to respect democracy, and respect the the United States
of America elected Barack Obama to be President
for two terms, which is as many terms as they would be
given the opportunity to elect Barack Obama.
The decision to reject anything he has a hand in
is disrespectful of the process which involves milllions,
and at times seems to consist only of the personal
and not the reality.

Some respect for the Presidential choice
of the United States of America
shouldn’t be beyond any Republican.

Respect the Nation of soon 300 million
choosing who to titulively lead them,
while of course respecting their own families
and loved ones most mutually among all.

Obama wasn’t elected to be constantly at war overseas
but on domestic policy, which the Republicans have sought
to block and stigmatize any way they can, such as
basic health care rather than have infections and
health crises as administrative chaos when trying to keep
everyone healthy, the most obviously collective feature
in the entire pantheon, even more collective than education
or policing, what if health care was funded better than
policing or overseas subterfuge which will never not
anger the peop¬e overseas? The tax could fund health care
instead of all this, and build a good society
of bridges and people doing things right.

(Canada’s so much smaller and spread out
that there’s no comparing, And live in the shadow of
America’s inconceivable overseas apparati
(i do genuinely start to laugh at the thought of it,
like some dragon on a leish the global dog.
In Canada, the more party leader talks about overseas war
the more the country views him as a poseur,
culllying votes from a demographic and feels shame,
only because Canada does not have an overseas force
that could win a war anywhere, only help in one.
We’d lose in ten minutes to America, and yet persist
like chattering sparrows, at every opening.)

Unfortunately some of the same bad thinking is
in Canadian politics in other ways: The inability to
respect First Nations Sovereignty, the ludicrous
disrespect for anyone unionized, right into the heights
of government, the attempted stigmatizing of leadership
of other parties, good people, as real and human as themselves,

(my own feeling is that
menacing forces try to
take over both parties,
and there is nothing)

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September 16, 2014

Comic Books, Pork Industry, Charlie Brown, Pigs

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Ive often suspected that having the pork industry around
effects people’s minds. Pigs are sensitive, heavily
thoughtful beings, two thirds closer to humans
than dogs, to put it nicely, and the scentful vibe
of distress and misery radiates out big from such places,
overwelming depression among the painfully imprisoned
large animals. Oh the nightmare of being large
in unfree circumstances.

Toronto’s old name was Hog Town, not as much in use
any more, (replaced with Toronto The Good, and,
The Big Smoke) but there is still a slaughterhouse.
Abusing large trapped animals without options,
no room for growth, no choices they can make,
no way of negotiating out of their position,
nothing they can offer or take command,
permanently injured to the depths of their being.
If dogs were in that situation, would they take it well?
Or cats? Dogs and cats have intuitive depths
and it’d be absurd to suggest pig’s didn’t also
have many elements to their minds.

…all this from seeing phrase Pigtown.

As to comics, I was a wimp sentimentalist
of a comic book reader. No he-men superheroes,
just Charlie Brown, Bugs Bunny, and books
like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
Gandalf was probably the only qualifying superhero,
as Batman was so clearly funny, and not really
dealing with crime in any serious way.

The reading of Charlie Brown carried well into life,
not just childhood. By some means I owned a massive,
bound, ‘complete’ Charlie Brown, on that worst of
dirty dry scrapy grey paper, but bound, solid,
and always available, like Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil,
and all the Keats & Shelley you could ever find.
It was the go to book when we’d move yet again,
and again be a complete stranger at an odd age
0in some new unknown town or village.
When we first moved to the Riverside area in Windsor,
the streets resembled Charlie Brown streets,
and I lived like at the bottom of a well
in the dry showy front room, that had nothing fun
in it, isolating the book in hand. When we then moved
to St Clair Beach, which in 12 year old world
is completely away from Windsor, I went back to it,
reading it my room with the trees in the window,
completely shut off from the world.
An inexhaustible book of hundreds of pages
with many plates per page. Whole stories or episodes
in two busy pages.

It’s a continued carnage against a species
that is disgusting and horrid like a sick crime movie.

One day I should read JD Salinger.

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