erie shore motor inn writing retreat and emergency shelter for

anticipate such wonders, some heighty poem.
some pristine piece of information, it’s true, fun,
but I’m some right nutty person, and a lot of people
I’d make no sense at all, I might like writing in the evenings too much
general work, and be imagining the motor inn writers retreat down on lake erie where fishing’s no longer an industry

such a life I’ve long imagined there
3 of the cabins would be cat fur free
the other 7 have cat doors ~

Each Suite would have its binoculars,

fishing rod, and typewriter

but also good old fashioned beat up computer all with internet

and keep the old bath units
get some willow trees going

and imagine how out of the path

world catastrophes one would be there

a retreat. Some generic price for all per week,

but rarely at capacity
anyway so
other units for emergencies and desperate escapes.
It’s a good dream, and aside from getting a cat
it’s the one real plan I have besides building savings
the freedom 55 erie writers retreat motor inn and typewriter reboot

(they’re on the lake barely shanty in Winter, mostly unoccupied in years  I figure just empty out all the units and lacquer spray every inch of it all give it a month to dry then spray some kind of new healthy fire retardant around put in stone floors, but found stones. And donated stones.

and then let it be all labour unintensive, let people live as they live  And if anyone objected that’d be our job, to get anyone and everyone off their backs and let them do what they would actually do



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