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Redefining of Toronto, and Thunder Bay

Would it be true that Nicky is foremost a social critic? And one of the rare few whom can volubly critique anyone or anything, really quite directly, without ever the sense of the cracking and breaking and panic and alarm of opposition, despite the totality of it, why the people around him sail on along and continue growing mentally and spiritually and getting through their troubles.

But what does it say about Toronto as a cultural city. Howling for money, it’s a global beatdown, all these corporations have their interests and no one else does PROFIT IS EVERYTHING culture and real life are nothing. El Zippo!

It really seems like it’s going back to being a philistine city, like it was in the 80s when i moved here. Tired hackneyed commercials followers- believe believe too hard to think about – like it’s somehow impossible to obsessively collect sort file organize prize and value the arts – he wasn’t even state funded – but life is all business, how much profit can hudaks gouge, billionaires must be protected, culture is a vapid dream, steer those robot cows into the electric fences, turn off your soul and do what is right for the management of the business city – their useless wealth extraction, in a kind of post-human deprivation, cable schlock.




  1. Nicky caring about everything so much transformed the whole city

    Comment by oversion — March 12, 2011 @ 6:29 am

  2. When I moved to Toronto it was almost empty
    people made money and were old fashioned english canadian
    the banks were solid and the governments flaky
    poetry was 8 to 15 people in a little section of an alcoved restaurent
    that guy who ran harbourfront for years started his big deal readings
    and the world of grassroots poetry seemed minimal.
    Poetry came from somewhere important. Not us.
    But then I lived almost the whole 80s in a Windsor Expat
    version of Toronto, observing from afar.
    The readings I saw I enjoyed tremendous-
    ly – but they were rare

    After a few years in Vancouver, returning, people really seemed
    to have taken up the value of poetry more, widespread, from all over,
    and an everywhere but harbourfront local south western ontario
    and vast emigrant culture expanded and expanded forging ties
    with the academics and street culture – sure, there are some
    people who don’t write poetry or give readings, but not many
    and I think our writing world’s welcomingness helped in that regard
    and Nick Drumbolis played immense role in that, conversant ways,
    writers should count statistics, how many people have all the different people you know introduced you to? I do a quick analysis, not just
    of myself, but everyone else, the ever unfolding universe,
    I was happy living just Windsor expatriate Toronto
    but the hundreds of additional writers stats would be remarkable
    and the number of follow up introductions to additional people
    and all through obscure practises in small press
    funny stories, calumbrious interconnections.

    years ago, in 97 or 98 i think, nicky involved me in
    relations with a literary historian, mcbride i think his name was,
    on the subject of history of obscure ‘personal presses’ as i think would be best bescribed, and i was on severance and UI at the time
    so naturally wary, and wrote a fantastical if occasionally accurate
    comedic spiritual history of oversion magazine,
    nicky enjoyed and letters press suddenly had it out
    as a template for an easy way to publishing glory
    without realizing that i’d deliberately tossed the numbers
    i ddin’t know mcbride so why would i divulge to him
    the pure numerology, so here is a more accurate version:

    the Spinning Edition! Oversion was a process rather than a fac de quotum.
    The original Oversion inadvertently went out in just 2 copies,
    one to Bill Kennedy, with whom I was sharing a two bedroom at the time,
    the other mine- all hence forth were Oversion 1.1 with the errata page
    and other ad hoc amendments. When it appeared improveable and more material
    came in, Oversion 1.5 was made, tightening and adding to 1.1.
    2.0 highlighted the entire previous issue as background art
    phasing in everything new. 2.5 was another tightening.
    then time went by. Slightly more time than estimated,
    so the next issue was 3.1. Controlversies erupted
    I was pissed off, but like a flowing river.
    Oversion 3.9 flashed a mirror on the controversies
    and also included the first ever hockey content.
    Everyone was pleased. I let it ride. oversion 5.2.7 blazed
    tons of new material, all previous issues lovingly indicated in margins and spaces.
    Oversion 9 and 9.5 came along, then Final Oversion, then Oversion 0, Oversion 6,
    Oversion 6/7071 Oversion 7071 and later Oversion 7, around the same time as Oversion 14
    Oversion 11 are considered spinning editions, a permanent inter recycling of all previous photocopying. Psychic Rotunda and Francois Beachemin Magazine and Literal World
    are forms of Oversion never numbered.

    John Barlow, Oversion 6, Ongoing

    Comment by oversion — March 12, 2011 @ 7:01 am

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