Woods Imago DeShaw Ocap

Sad to interrupt myself here with the news of the arrest of a key core of OCAP workers. I’m sure we’ll as always hear a great deal of outrage from official sources at what the OCAP workers and allies today and so many other days. Interpretation and understanding is not always perfect and mutual between the likes of the mainstream tv public and the activists social workers nurses teachers trade unionists determinedly hour in and hour out working to save and improve the health and wellbeing of others. There is overlap, people cross back and forth between these great divides, and an infinite rubics cube of issues are raised every time. The Government struggles to stamp out things it can’t control, OCAP demands that the original Mike Harris welfare cuts in 95 be at last undone. With talk of the usual 3% each year for everyone else since then, being below 1995 levels hardly seems koshur does it not? …And the government seeks to stamp out what it can’t control, horrified by what lengths people will go to to draw attention to these issues. Judges twirl across the ice like hockey players attempting ballet, working out the balance between society’s indigenous need to work out ways of sharing the earth, land and sea, but it takes forever. The Judge must weigh, who is sacrificing the most here, and for what causes.

All this while the delicate if powerful underclass out here in the worlds endures its jobs and budgets and difficulties age health wealth fate luck landlords and randomness. Myself I don’t like damaging anything, ever. I just see it as sheer resource being wrecked. There are many forms of collectivity in the world, but the one of sheer value of livable environment in every sense is entirely elemental in its currency. Damaging anything, a piece of paper, glass (especially glass!) and infrastructure no less, no way, every last thing, busted glass for instance never really goes away. It is in everyone’s tires shoes and feet. It is never valuable to break it.

But at the same time I’m not some demagogue. People experience really different things, and are at different points in their lives. Meanwhile, in one sense and others, the workweek continues. Paying all this onerous taxes to live in a reasonable society, a healthy one, a not harmful one.

With a little wave of artistic small press in the postal mail lately, and summer travels...

comes a scattered, indeterminate vortex of immanent gatherings (in progress)

at this point though, they are all up in the air, ...tho more definite in the protagonists' seat here

Dick DeShaw's Graphic Essay, illustrated by Rose DeShaw, Marshall and Karen's "woods words" and inukshuk renku booklet, and Michael's Woods World News Story will be...

THE MANY NOT THE FEW will be "in the air" extemporaneously launching and relaunching, in hand various places

whether we wind up in high park inukshuk park or queens park or bloor fest or the cloak and dagger, together or apart, we will be the people with artistic small press gift material from and for the creative underclass



  1. Such a difficult piece to end.
    I can’t imagine it has ended
    but for tonight I am finished working on it!

    Comment by oversion — July 22, 2010 @ 3:30 am

  2. the conservatives and corporations and oil industry
    might have actually destroyed the world we live in
    bush and 911 and endless cia fuckaroos
    they will kill us all

    Comment by Gem Charlebois — July 24, 2010 @ 3:55 am

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