Syria, Assad can’t stay, security forces are criminal

The emotional feelings of the titular first couple aside, once you’ve surrounded a city or suburb and started shelling you are no longer the valid government of those people. Government does not consist in murder.

Government becomes “garbage” when it behaves this way.

nonetheless what good people in the world want is a solution where well-being for all occurs

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First hand internet coverage, live believable voices.

In the past – Hama in theÂ
early 80s, Viet Nam, it was
far more fleeting, but now
there’s raw footage,
documentatary photos,
and terrified voices
on the radio.Â

But of course thats not the
“their story” of the U.S. or Saudis.Â

Still, the mind fills in a lot.
I’ve seen on youtube the look and feel ofÂ
secret service entering a family’s house,
so when a single sentence
was spoken on the news yesterday
on radio that govt forces in theÂ
suburbs of Damascus itself were hunting opposition downÂ
to be taken in for torturous deaths, it was instantly vivid and believable.Â

There’s also seemingly lots of documentation of Hims being surrounded by tanks and snipers, and no one can leave, only endure being trapped and bombed.Â

Positing innocent civilians as the victims of imported rebel death squadsÂ
when they are visibly surrounded and visibly being shelled by the governmentÂ
is at best a supplementary problem to the conspicuous surrounding massacring government

I’m not seeing the validity of Assad’s regime inÂ
northern Syria. Do they have any actual connection
to Hims and Hama? Why is the north and south
part of the same country? It’s not a communist
versus capitalist divide like Viet Nam –
seemingly rather it’s different peopleÂ
with a different background. It’s not apparent to me
why the north isn’t part of Turkey instead.
(The reports on the television coverage also showed
military moving toward Hama for the same purpose there.
But for a questionable border, the Assads have not evidenced
why they “govern” the north.

It’s not as simple an equation around Damascus suburbs,
which I know nothing of,Â
but in the north, Turkey
seems to have more relationship than Assad.Â


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