Smoky Hollow Watertown & The Lake

Brilliant Sunday getting out of the city, for mother’s day and fresh air, sights and splendour. A simple no plan Plan that we can recommend. Clear town and go a ways, then choose off ramps you know nothing about. Of course, having a companion of such innate cheer and meadowy temperament certainly helps in every way. Just gas up the car with ultra 94 and head off on the highways, and soon enough you’re documenting tailgators and enjoying the lushness of the countryside.

It’s a fine way to live once in a while, tho generally bicycling around suits most purposes. However the roads are there and sometimes it’s worth seeing other harder to reach areas.

Taking some sideroads we chose “Watertown” which I hadn’t really heard of before and soon enough I was guessing my Dad probably knew of “Smoky Hollow” – formerly a hive of mills that was later left behind by the invention of electricity.

The mysterious woodland creatures always fill one with wonder.

It is escarpment land in the region, famous impressive rock in interesting formations.

Eventually we found our way out of there and sought an opening to the Lake to gather bearings.

Having watched the patterns in the waves we were confident that we had only to get back in the car and go back the way we'd come.

Familiar bridge!

And then back to Toronto. < The End > (for now: there is still the other camera!)


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