“North American Views on Syria, and Russia”

North American writers and thinkers battle going on
around Syria, Russia, US, all these things,
as such, itself, rather than as pscyhotheatre of Syria;  just the North American context: 

The continually flaring debates of those appalled and sickened
by the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Syrians
and the grotesque abuse of the Yazidis, South Sudan, Yemenies,
Rohingya and soon again Palestinians, paying those dental bills,
northern Iraqis and Turkish Kurd relations and Libya,
all of which for North American writers and thinkers
comes swirling through a debate over media and reporting,
– express outrage of one minority being massacred
and you get instant crossfire of blamers of the US and Russia
that adds up to Don’t dare have an opinion.
They say the worst form of liars are the ones
that starkly threaten those that know they’re lying.
But the commenters aren’t lying, they really do think that.
Whether it’s that they’re repulsed that yet again the eternal Assad family rule
of all of Syria is demolishing the northern metropolises, (with Russian help)
(once is too many times for genocide, it ends legitimacy forever)
or that the vaguely tribalist socialist Syrian regime stuck with hard times
was violently harassed by Saudi and Turkish attackers (and US help)
(the finest cherry on top the one that says ISIS is an Israeli manouver,
blamers gotta blame)
The writers and thinkers are no doubt true to aspects of the story
but what I’m focused on tonight is the war here
among points of view from here about it.

It’s never satisfied anyone my own primary baselines on it:
I want to avoid world war three and maximize harm reduction everywhere else.

To me it seems, when the powerful nations do something abhorrent
they never pay any real price for it. It never changes the balance
or their status. Gadaffi wasn’t powerful on that scale, for one example.
Saddam was about as powerful as a local butcher is.
The local despots go under eventually every time
while the authentically powerful just cruise on.

The massive powers do what they do, any trouble’s an inconvenience,
and they continue.

Most of the people that go along with North American MSM
and the political parties are simply emotive, relatively balanced,
and don’t over invest time in the topics. Ultimately they throw their hands up.

Whats fascinating is the people frantic day upon day
to defend the ill accused Putin regime.

What angle are they working toward?
Whatever we say of Putin he’ll still be there
with massive military, secret service ops, attempting to string together
a large enough ecosystem for Russia to function in,
given their historic inabilty to get along with the rest of Europe.
The sheer size of Russia and the whole set up
means they will be there til Armageddon.
So how is it such a distraction to criticize Russia
propping up a nepotistic discriminatory dictatorship?
Or for the brutal treatment of Chechens,
or for believing that any time things don’t go their way in Ukraine
(or in the past all the other nearby nations) send in the tanks.
It isn’t reasonable, acceptable, good, or right.

I’ve spent my life criticizing American and British Colonialism
and its later variations as completely illegitimate,
but that doesn’t mean that Russia or China can do the same
and it’s alright for them because the US has done it?
There’s nothing even there in that argument.

What motivates them at all? How has Russia of all places
become the mal-abused recipient of sympathy for its misrepresentation
as a borderless military and imposer of will?
How is it intellectually valid to sacrifice neighbouring countries

It’s terrible how much it inflames curiousity,
so many questions arise.

Do they think Putin or Russia will benefit from their sympathy?
Do they think it will have any impact at all on superpower relations?
Do you believe that America and Europe
will start a war with Russia? A war that would dominate
life for the next 23 years, crushing economies, destroying empires,
costing cities and whole nations.
It all seems such a spook job, and purposeless at that.
Lower theories include being so addicted to anti-US criticism
that mother Russia has absorbed the feeling like a cult
and given some hope that criticism of the US may at last
be taken seriously by someone.

That’s my kindest view compared with having had the impression that
Russia’s propoganda money has been extra funding to the arts
for north americans all these years, used to take a pitying attitude to that as well.
(ie., if a nuke is coming at Canada be glad you were on its side intellectually)

What good does it do anyone?

Russia blows up a hospital to flush Syrians into Europe
opposing any non-Assad-prescribed life ever taking place with Syrian borders
and thousands of North American writers and thinkers launch red herrings.
Poor misrepresented Russia. Who are you trying to convince?
More recently, this notion that US sanctions on Russia
are so terrible they presage war, poor Russia being invaded.

If America and NATO and Russia start exchanging major missiles
internet debates about whose really to blame won’t mean shit.
The whole internet debate of who is good and who is evil
will be void. There will be no ideas in things.

All the conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists
seem to share the need to speak only of the future,
as things are 15% known now, and here’s what might happen.
(everyone’s supposed to huddle in and hear the new secret)
The ‘if it did then what’ doesn’t ever enter.

I just wish the North American Pro-Russian writers and thinkers
would give some sense of their endgame.
What are they hoping will happen?
Please say what you hope will happen.
A socialist dream run by Oligarchs
is what we already have, so
what are you hoping for?
What do you want from Russia?


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