(Note: With great respect to the Al Jazeera Network
and the programme People and Power, a friend
could not load the youtube regarding Witch Trials
in Central Africa, so I am merely helpfully giving him
this glimpse – kind of like helping adjust his antenna
in some new sense ~ John)
5. why do they trouble me like this in...

Even though perhaps almost 1/10th of accused witches throughout history were male, and a similar but smaller ratio of the state power they were then confronted with were female, this has not been enough to prevent me from perceiving the entire phenomenon as being principally a function of sexism at its worst and most extreme. It reassures me Nil that a few males are accused of witchcraft, no doubt amusing some of the more cynical among those executing this high state function.

5. amused lawyers4. 'we do our work and send the case...4. through traditional healers and clairvoyants

If I might briefly proclaim myself a clairvoyant let me just suggest that the women below are not witches, but victims of the lowest of blows in familial disputes. One for instance is accused of bewitching her accusers wife and children after he, the accused’s nephew, stole her goat; another is accused of killing her own children, another is blamed for the death of a 76 year old man. They are mothers, grandmothers, hardworking women, and this an old story that is universal where tolerated, they are plainly being victimized.

1, accused1b. "I don't know any witchcraft"2. accused witches2b. 3 more of the accused3. an accused story of her goat3. my inlaw bewitched my children4. "They constitute a danger...4. court officials4. higher court5. observers5. preventing vigilanteism6. innocent people go to prison6.defense questions if 76 is an unnatural...4. the trial... ...will begin5. accusers, "palm nuts"3. still accusing2c. "I was all alone."


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