Late Mayoralty Candidate

As I looked at him hatching this Mayoralty game-saver, he snapped this picture of me ready to bike home to the computer

A midnight assessment the eve of the votes has brought dissatisfaction with the Mayoral Election and some of us have decided to run a new candidate and just see if we can’t squeak it through aisle in tunnel, the wick of the storm, the ear of the hurricane. Who says it is too late?

It’s how life works is it not

rearranging how the great interpollulous world relates who shall lead them whats it mean? No one is led anymore or they’re Zeppelin or Zombie and have everything to say in a new language from blurry zombified thoughts, passionate and real.

We’re serious about our campaign. Since we’ll be drawing votes from the other candidates, I estimate that perhaps Ninethy-One Hundred votes will probably be enough, but we need them by dawn so to speak. Between 8am and 8pm tomorrow. And Pete would make a great great Mayor.

Not that any of the candidates would end the world. The world is intractable.

But Pete would be best

Pete believes that you hear what everyone has to say and you carry on. It’s a Mohawk tradition I think.

Plus he’s super knowledgeable, a lot more than most, of the real history here, going back eons, and he knows what the treaties really mean. He’d possibly the first ever mayor ever on that category. You know it’s not just his city, as it were. Toronto would then have the best chance of negotiating effectively with the Mississaugas, and address countless of the land and land use and ecological matters – and the whole team is good with this, I sensed. As we formulated the dusk til dawn campaign many aspects of modern society pulled together until we realized – or I did (haven’t actually guarantored his willingness to be mayor yet) Meantime, putting the building blocks in place, and advancing at least discussion on some of the platforms.

First off gun violence and gangs and other forms of tension and societal response to it. Zen! It’s gotta be zen. Maintaining focus on immediate reality while focusing on all reality; in part acceptance, in part recognition and regret. It’d be so easy not to engage in it. That’s not a set up line for some broadside but just honest to goodness reality. Just don’t do the deed. It’s so such better decision making. Remain fluid. Be so fluid a bullet cannot see you. And live in the world as in your dreams. It’s all rare and it’s still rare. It’s scatter. It is unexpected. And everyone, everyone’s real life is better for just not doing the deed. As we evolved our policy structure for the city in alignment with the financial basis for its illusion existing legally, and realized that so many politicians from the provincial government, from all over the hugest province, vote municipally here we laughed at the notion that they are just as much frustrated voters as torontonians of the times as most are with all levels of government. When I phone Peter with my idea for his mayorship tomorrow I hope to have him already over 30% in the polls. My first question will be “Why are their school trustees?” But thats just me, one supporter.

banning of all guns and bombs in tororonto, and police in 3s, not mobs, and not paris or ones

2% increase in municipal tax rates, 2% wage increase for all the unions and contract workers

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