renku blossom 2011

The river pulls the shore / to the lake / and lets it go.

Instead of being inside listening to the noises of the building 

we were out in the sprinkling refreshing rain the

renku rain

worthwhile !

Tho before long moved inside for the thoroughly entertaining renku session. Cooperative, balanced…

It’s a great excercize, fun for crazy westerners to learn to think poetry in a helpful cooperative fashion, instead of any worrying for being the one to succeed on each given round in having their renku selected for the completed work. The wild west style with renku consists of competitiveness, argumentativeness, and the tendency to include the required references in the first line of the renku. Something moon, something autumn. It’s about learning acceptance. Strategically, hoping to succeed more than on past occasions, I was playing a short game. Like stopping at 14 playing blackjack. or calling the hand with 2 of a kind. Real simple servers type of renku, so that if all the others had flawed renku without guaging the rules for that one or just not any good, my ultra simple basic one would win. The worst was when it had to be a location or tree, and autumn, and there we are in a restaurent with an indoor tree that has red autumn leaves in spring. Practically writes itself, but the item:

Grenadier indoor tree / red autumn leaves

was rejected. Likewise when one needed to be about unrequited love, my entry was rejected:

Unrequited love

really quite in love

suddenly requited!!!



  1. Hard to believe that my entry “Unrequited love /really quite in love / Suddenly requited” was not entered in the log, better it be true though than part of a successful literary submission. …The word ‘submission’ never used. Another that didn’t make the cut was:

    New lunchbox, bookbag,
    history class nap.

    I thought it was strong for the pun, history class versus class nap – a rest from class divisions – or a nap from viewing history in terms of class = and yet definitely about napping in history class

    Another rejected one:

    New Years Day online
    The first Wikileak
    Prime Minister resigns

    Astrological NotreDamus

    Comment by oversion — May 16, 2011 @ 5:17 am

    • I like the Prime Minister one too. I think your problem is the rhyme – some people reject things because they rhyme. Apparently in Japanese forms rhyme is especially unwelcome. What’s with you, you don’t usually rhyme? You’re a natural against-the-currenter guy.

      Comment by czandra — May 16, 2011 @ 6:11 pm

  2. I’d cast my vote for the grenadine tree, John. Grenadier, well. In the renku I’ve been doing, these things can be discussed and revised as a result. As for the unrequited love verse, let it stand as a haiku alone.

    Comment by czandra — May 16, 2011 @ 6:08 pm

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