A lot of philosophy and music is like math, and questions get settled by all,

104 + 196 (300) stays agreed upon.

Heidegger mostly absorbed Husserl and Sartre

and embellished it with the poetry traditions and philsophies

of where he came from.

Husserl and Sartre were more original philosphers,

Heidegger was more of an academic.

Still though,

passing it through another language and philosophic tradition

illucidates that which is discussed,.

Husserl: Consciousnessness is always ‘Consciousness of…’

there is nothing that is consciousness (:”I am my mind,.” Antonin Artaud

Husserl was Heidegger’s teacher

Sartre saw the clarity in Husserl

they were all doing great work in philosophy

and it might seem like a bunch of bull

and even though Sartre’s translations nail it down best at its core

the contribution from the mutlilanguage aspect helped

their personal and political lives aren’t represented in their key terms

husserl phenomenology

sartre existentialism

heidegger ‘consciousness is an infusion of nothingness in Being’

except thats really Husserl

dasein as the for itself is like good primitive Swift

Could any of them have reversed history?

but the pure math of it, Being presupposes Non-Being,

it wouldn’t exist otherwise, wouldn’t differentiate

non-Being becomes a kind of all encompassing sobriquet

hard to imagine, but apparently here as there wouldn’t be any place

for Being to be

cabala of math

the ramifications of math at least

if there is 0 1 2 1  0 1 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 and 1 0 and 1 1 = 0

it’s only philosophy and math




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