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The only time I think of breaking from just letting
my bank do what it does with my little rrsp
is when a big company I think has a lot of value
gets submarined and hammered into oblivion
on the stock markets. Which I think nicely reflects
the low regard I have for the stock market.
I’d compare trading room and wall st bay st cash wavers
(in their clenched shrieking hands) to dogs that have had some part of their brain removed, and are seeing phantom rabbits race by, or imagine they are being spat at by hissing cats, or that they smell a dog in heat when there is none there, and they just go wild. When this results in some huge normally successful company plunging in its stock value, I’m like the last sane hound making the high pitched whine
=== I sooo want to switch a 1000 out of my always eroding rrsp over to the loser company while it’s worth only 16 dollars a share. (((Blackberry for instance, aka RIM:
the stock market weasels have ripped it to shreds
and just like kids acting in mob mentality, they have it
on the run like it will eventually go down
to no value at all.
Well hell, would you like to own it?
It was worth tens of imaginary billions not long ago,
and had the ultimate reputational gig, a little object
smaller than a deck of cards that people payed big money for.
GOLD! in them thar hills of Waterloo region. All that stops me is that it would at once involve teaching my bank new tricks. Just like if you customize one thing on facebook
your whole account might go off kilter. I know what my Dad would do, he didn’t really get modern banking, and didn’t discover rrsp’s to his slack-ass bank rep and passed on his file to his son, who showed my Dad all about rrsp’s. He was amazed! He’d had bonds that matured at 10,000 or 500 or 1000
in the 50s and 60s that he just safe kept in a box in his tool room. It was sad digging those up, there it is some twelve hundred and 50 dollars in 1970s money, that might have been 125,000 by 1995. But he also paid straight up cash without his bank’s advice on a few things, like that fake gold mine everyone got sued for, when it was an all on paper gold mine. The lesson of my Dad’s track record was clear:
just put it in rrsp’s and forget it exists. I’d never buy a blackberry myself, but if $666 dollars would get me 37 shares suddenly, I’d compliment everyone who did. (even while telling closest friends and loved ones don’t waste your money.

And if thats an intro for discussing Steve Jobs, blessed saint genius, farming out labour jobs to China, where the workers could be treated abominably, I’d remind people to avoid sentiment when it comes to money matters.

Just waiting for the cogent focused essay on Steven Jobs
as regards jobs and productivity. …As they mythologize him,
I want to see his eureka moment when he heard how cheap
producing the actual product in China could be.
Labour practises in China are this magical handmedown
from workers’ revolution to default extreme nepotistic capitalism. “We can still control your procreative lifes,
we can still imprison you out of the blue, we can dictate your allowed opinions, we can work you insane long hours and forbid your local customs, but if you object you are an enemy of the state. A very serious crime.

When hasn’t the employer world thought that way?

There are exceptions, but overall it’s one of the
philosphical lynchpins of modernity.

One would be more of an investor in apple by spending 1000 on shares than if spending 4000 on an apple computer? I can tell, because this is an apple computer …already outdated and not a decade old!! ha! but not
badly outdated. Less outdated than the one it replaced.
But it has no futures value, except to me. Even though I got in a kind of a trade/gift deep old friendship mode, even so,
3 shares in blackberry would have more value in 2020 than this has, except to me, since I don’t know how to back up everything as people describe it. back up everything a magical phrase. One of the best ways for a writer is writing it in an email or blog post. (the technology of running little paws.

Speaking of running little paws, here’s my wild animal life account of goings on as updated in autumn weeks at work and on the highway back and forth to windsor and specifically Windsor realities of the day (around animal life.)


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