Feminist Poem 1

It’s learned skills, learned behaviours,
and both genders have been watching each other the whole time

“the whole time growing up” as I used to say
and women being less cloistered since the 70s
for all genders it’s a chance to learn from all
ways of dealing with moments and situations 025017011002

That women can use the tactics of men
has been kind of obvious the whole time
and with friendly gender traitors like myself
loyal only the good sort of people, of whatever stripe
species or shape, I and others have helped scramble
the knowledge base and access to perspective base
within all this system of gender relevant day to day issues

Women can be triumphant

My whole life has been a story of how women and other minorities
ultimately prevail over the white male adult between 40 and 76
whom evilly run this world from their capitalist pulpits
of religion, policing, and control, serving the trillionaire masters

Yes, the turmoil over sex has been a tactic of these controlling forces.
Arbitrarily disempower one gender, and we all know how
maximum powerful some women are, “strongest person in the community”
or wisest in the village, or just that immense certainty
embracing all; the arbitrary measures of the powerful
to condemn such people and then set up a class system
for exploiting the terrified remaining, it’s been flat out
white male gender terrorism since Rome died
and its evil ghost fell into the minds of the new Europe.

Subjugation of women, minorities and gays
and what I’ve learned from you all which I’m so grateful of

at least knowing the truth


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