Russian Canadian Geopolitics 2017

Putin’s intelligent, competent, and has that interesting ‘self-knowing as powerful man’ quality that is rare. There’s the uncomfortable probable fact that if Putin’s regime were turfed out the likely winners of the then power struggle wouldn’t be the plucky intellectuals, idealists and anti-corruptionists, but whomever mustered the fiercest power to take control. In that sense a Putin that wants to have better relationships with the West would be a count your blessings situation, but for Ukraine, and the other formerly occupied countries. Canada has I think always imagined in some dreamlike way a correspondence with the Ukraine, similar countries, the wheat fields, the winters, the substantial midsize nation next to a Colossus. Our company covers Canada with 5 teams while in America the same sort of operation has 300 teams selling in much the same way. Everything in America is on a massive exponential scale. An experience of nationality that would make Canada vividly see the right to exist of countries like Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Belorusse. Russia needs to apologize for occupying the east bloc. Tanks can’t come rolling in if you vote the wrong way. And I’ll freely admit, Communist countries have been rudely maltreated for the past century. Endless apologies to Cuba, Viet Nam, China, Socialist countries like Nicaragua, Chile, and obviously against Russia as well.

w2 poem

exas millionaire
warmonger destroying the Middle East and Northern Africa for money and profit

Global Warming is an Endgame, in the Beckett sense
Wars in the Middle East, Wars in the Middle East,

a churning endgame for the middle east
Great Western Strategy make them fight

It was how people treated poor people forever
make them fight for it



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