Orr Gretzky

Orr-Gretzky: I was much more an Orr fan, but watching latenight rebroadcasts of old oiler games, the gretz novelty is real: One strategy of his was simply to dumbfound the opposition by, from his centre position, by way of forechecking, swing deep in his own zone, behind his own defense, watching the play, then build up speed anticipating the other team’s breakout, and as if already on a breakaway, charge up ice, hack their play in half, and go in on the intended breakaway …if peter ihnacyk had done that they’d have sent him back to czechoslovakia probably witholding his last paycheque! but of course, it would have only meant there was no centre on the forecheck and the attackers would have easily advanced on leafs Gretzky made it look as automatic as hopping over the boards, to anticipate the play and gather his puck Huge Orr fan, but I give the Gretzky child his due…

Story 2: saw Gretz with sault ste marie versus a tough playoff bound windsor spitfire team, gretzky was 14 or 15 and looked like a child of about 7, we laughed out loud continuously, it was hilarious that when it started, the tiny kid buzzing all around the ice constantly reclaiming and keeping the puck working his way through everyone and scoring again and again …we had thought he’d simply be killed but end of the night, with his 3 goals 2 assists and game long chances approach to the game, it seemed as if we’d seen the impossible If I could see a vintage game and just one I’d like it to have Orr Mahovlich Keon but that too is impossible unfortunately because of H Ballard John (ps looking for bar with leafs tv to enjoy isles against toronto today at 5 any tips?



  1. Orr was pure poetry, Gretzky as well, I grew up thinking Lafluer was a poet with his lyrical rushes up the ice. But I had many favourites: Valery Kharlamov was another poet on the ice.

    Comment by Salvatore Ala — February 9, 2011 @ 7:45 am

  2. The Orr Gretzky question is a difficult one because they were essentialy same player, outriders to the hockey ways then

    Comment by oversion — May 13, 2012 @ 5:40 am

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