Yet more Pikes

The many Pike collages have been too entertaining not to toss a couple in myself.

Yes, it’s been done and done and done, but I’m pretty easily amused by this sort of thing. It’s fun to participate, and drive home the absurdity of that kind of attitude to other people.

Imagining Pike being spontaneously apprehended by a higher authority while in the act is of course a sheer fantasy. Who would ever prevent a Pike from doing something like that? …without getting gang tackled and jailed.

The public is expected to respond only with symbolic behaviour, if dramatically, and allow the authorities the sole provision of abusive violence and physical harm.

It makes people so sad being pepper sprayed. All the animals for a 100 yards around feel it. The cats in whole next neighbourhoods squeeze their eyes. Who has done this horrible thing? It’s so fucking sad.

In Windsor if they pepper sprayed people who had a political opinion, it would really ring out. Everyone lives together in Windsor. We’re all right there. You did what? Every striped bridge of a nose eyes focus deep. Windsor has its own police. They work for Windsor. They work for Windsor. Toronto’s local police wee said to be so much better than g20, ending the James Park occu, no Darth Vader outfits just the real people, still frightening, but not ludicrous, imaginary or ridiculous. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

Hockey news: Sheldon Sourray face scalped Joffrey Lupul and he gets up checks his for damage and snaps up intense, fucking kill that guy, Sourr fuckn A, i swear he was over 6.2 225 from that point on, nice he kept his hands for the shootout goal. Sourray. I like Sourray, but what a move, the skull rip. Homicidal.

Which police force should look into it? Red Deer? OPP? Texas?
How to stop this Canadian on Canadian violence? The players have been told, they are adults now, they can’t just kill anyone who hits them from behind or runs the goalie. They have to play on. I’m liking it, it’s healthy. But the calling of every time a player trips over a teammate or has his foolishly made ‘composite stick fall apart’ but not violent attacks we don’t forget

Texas? Texas police? USA police? Red Deer? (Red Deer I think would be ndp lib con alberta so rcmp who can do international? I wouldn’t want to go over hockey violences’ head but bettman shanahan aren’t exactly god. Cruelty is always a complex question. Not in Pike’s case, open shut. But a lot of it. In the old days of hockey Sourray might do that and just how many leafs would do something about it. Clarke MacArthur, Lupul’s teammates since teen years, was put in such a position by Sheldon’s Sourray’s illegal hockey stick attack on Lupul’s head. I was right there with him. Heros of yore, these are good players, they’d fit right in with all of Windsor’s best players, W0=Quenneville, Boutette, Kerr, Wellwood, splitting the difference alphabetically first name last.

Dallas is a great team though. How did the refs not call the high stick?

All the people, in all the ‘roles’ and “Moments” they serve, experience, live, exist, reason about, as do the insane, and musicians.


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