THE WAY THE WORLD is rendered to us these days is beyond unbelievable. Would they have a whole tv network only to freak us out with the bald daring of the ludicrous imploring views about our world>

The JVI Network is among increasingly unexplainable purveyors of not just false but obviously so. People criticize Obama but looking at the kind of pathology opposing him, and casting utter skyrocketting falsehoods about him,

reminds me of Toronto City Council. So many out there are supporting Rob Ford in his entirely unrealistic untenable ideas for city politics, where individual’s just aren’t that powerful. Once in he will yell and scream and intimidate everyone to going along with his preferences? including unions accepting the shattering of their negotiating position, simply accepting his willship? With few voting along with his helter skelter oneship? The turmoil likely would shut Toronto, or logjam city hall. I was so irritated with Toronto politics after the G20 that I was quite intent on disengaging from it.

But the debate was good! Ford was easygoing and spoke reasonably well, bizarrely, all candidates did! Lots of good ideas I thought. Life isn’t perfect in underwater land here, but it was an interesting entertaining debate. I was pleased for them. Obviously, Joe Pantalone would be my pick. What a great guy. Charming, strong character. Loved it when he said Toronto is not Cleveland, Toronto is not Detroit, but it could become like Cleveland or Detroit if you…”  –  and called them all “mini-Mike-Harris’s” – Absolutely my pick. The choice between he and Smitherman is a fascinating one. Have my doubts about the rest, but they do speak well and discuss worthwhile ideas. As it was the CARP debate, with the delicate emphasis on making Toronto “age friendly” Pantalone with his proposals with regards to not taxing seniors out of their own homes – ie taking every penny they have and forcing decisions on them – not all, just those making less than 50,000. (The continuous increase of city tax rates is questionable in general. Doesn’t one seek the ideal necessary formula and stick with it? Is inflation not accounted for by inflation itself, the percentage garning the inflationed amount of tax? Theoretically it would reach 100% tax. One should hero worship politicians but also except the reasonable from them. I feel confident of Pantalone’s sense of the reasonable. Strongly prefer! And I think he can handle the kind of mad romp discourse that attaches to politics well and with a good sense of humour. (Don’t count me part of his funded measure of campaigning by the way, blogging is free, I’d have internet anyway, already did. Smitherman seems talented. I like Rossi’s mind. Thomson, Archampong, and the silent campaigns of the others and Tory and Newell. I don’t think any of the others would be that terrible. Ford would be a sometimes funny sometimes tragic spectacle. Takes the highs with the lows. And in this context.



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  1. politics just gets worse; whip it back

    Comment by oversion — January 1, 2012 @ 6:58 am

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