Wolf of Wall Street Outrage In Review


Got to see most of Wolf of Wall Street. A bit unsettling. When criticizing prime ongoing components of a society, not fleeting politicians but things that will remain through changing times, you have to bring some element of respect for how it could be, if it wasn’t fucked up, but I don’t know what to do with Wall St.

It’s quite offensive that that was going on while I was working away for 7 to 9 an hour at the time, faithfully doing real banking. It pisses one off. My only goal was accuracy both in the math and the filialty to the rules, ie., not allowing charges on types of account that the charges for that are covered, making sure some department isn’t made to look like a fool because I didn’t doublecheck some handwritten numbers, and because if it all balances and the paperwork’s good, everything is good in the mind and clear to write poetry and all smiles with the bosses.

Meanwhile these Wall St guys are ripping through reality with an ax. You pity them when it goes bad, but there’s no good reason for it to be happening in the first place. And Ludes. Such a stupid drug. A pharmaceutical mistake. I prefer accurate bank work. Thats all a bank should be. The boss make 100,000
the rest make 48 to 90. No unpaid interns. Train your own damn staff.

In the 90s I “rose” into the unwished position of clerking for just such traders, on the whole, genuine idiots. Who knows if they partied like that after hours, but it’s hard to see anything respectable in all this aggressive gambling on the meta data of banking.


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