Maladapatations: Cars vs Pedestrians (vs Bikes in Winter

All my cut throughs to and from work now have quicksand-like
tall snowdrifts from willynilly indifferent minded snowplow work
so I’m forced onto the sidewalks, the most dangerous place
in Downsview traffic.

44 pedestrians have been killed by cars so far this year.

Downsview traffic is so aggressive that cars come bombing
into the parking lots with pedestrians an afterthought.

Such as this evening. I’m slurfing along the icy sidewalk
when from out of the crowd of cars in the road comes one
straight at me. It’s too cold and dismal to trouble over it,
I just back off and watch it. Suddenly vehicle hits a pot hole
and there’s a loud crunch. The car backs up so it’s in my way again,
the wheels momentously turn as the driver thinks to go around it.
Scccrrrunch, the car grinds to a halt again.

013 Suddenly this chick nimbly leaps out
of the car. She has loose sweat pants on
and a flimsy hoodie. She looks about ready
to sit up in bed with an ovaltine and blow her nose.
It’s minus 20 with windchill.

She circles the car vexed. Gets to the front of the car
and kicks something with her sneaker. “Fruck!” she yells.
Probably from hurting her foot. I begin to slurf along
on my way. I look back and see her kicking more carefully
under the front of her car. She seems like trouble.
People think of driving as “still being indoors”
I hear it all the time. It’s one of many ways
drivers are flat out Wrong these days.

017 Sure, I could have stayed,
got down on all 4s, fished out whatever it was
with my burning numb hands, but
she’d just just about run me over
How much must we indulge the car driving public?

007 Cars definitely at war with me on my bicycle.
They’ve repeatedly come straight through my space full speed
in their self-righteous annoyance at my biking presence
squeezed by the ridged snow. One guy in a car
behind one guy on a bike on a snowy little street.
And the car driver thinks “Kill”

People say don’t bike in winter, but you don’t see 55 bike pileups.

In a city where such a volume of drivers lack the intelligence
and moral reserve to operate such a vehicle, it is cars
that should get off the road in these conditions.
Hundreds of accidents a week, sometimes in a day.

You’re wrong. You’re just finally obviously wrong. Hisssssss!

These sledge hammer arms and my patience are one entity.
I have been patient about this for 4 decades.
Drive carefully.


Drive carefully is obviously the most pointless
combination of words ever spoken. Perhaps well echoed in
“Merry Christmas Cyclist In My Way!” VRRRRUUUMMMMM



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