Quebec’s “Election Light”

It is interesting, partly in good ways partly in bad ways. 


The new government inherits the most extreme debt to GDP ratio in the country, 56%, and need a massive expansion in health funding, 

8000 doctors for 8 million people (a figure I don’t think

includes specialists, but still, – apparently waits

in Montreal are comparable

to other Canadian cities, but elsewhere,

it is a daylong commitment 

to hope to see one.

They also must address their newest constituents, the red square youth 
and ride out the results of the corruption inquiries that effect both pq and liberal. 
It’s a special cast of person wants such a job. I would refuse it myself. 
Maybe I’m just someone who has always been an employee, never a boss, 
but have this perspective that if a task isn’t feasible, I say No. 
Swing it all in the other direction though, to a perspective I hope becomes
more prevalent worldwide:  7 billion people on the earth, only so much of which
is widely livable. All things combined, is liveability not the truest wealth? 
The days of useless extreme wealth of the symbolic sort, and, power, 
is basically the ax to break into ploughshares in the 21st century. 
How excited would the world be to find a habitable planet? 
Quebec’s liveability is one of the wonders of the world. 
O to emphasize such features, and in that respect 
the prospects for Quebec are very good. 
Sustaining that liveability has to be prime purpose. 
I have no problem with french being the primary language 
tho with my childhood forgotten beginnings of properly learning fluency
I’d be legally unemployable there under Marois’ plans. 
Easier to compare from here in Toronto, but the many people
who live in Canada but struggle in either official language 
we see more clearly for acknowledging I don’t have working french. 
If we’d never left, presumably maybe I’d have learned it fully? 
I’d still see both the merits and the unwanted problems of separating. 
The whole prospect would be an economic disaster for both new shaped countries. 
The redoubled bureaucracy, the infinite court cases. A happy party lasting 9 months 
and then the realization. 56% of GDP in debt: would Quebec say “That was Quebec Canada” 
10 years from now, Thomas Mulcair, NDP President of Quebec 


I’m all for it at the romantic level. What a great country it would be. 
Who knows how I would have grown up there, almost certain to have 
wound up in the NHL. 
Another comparison: I want to give a fair and friendly 
sense to the humanity of it. Albeit partly napping, I watched 
the cbc newsworld broadcast of the Quebec election coverage 
from sevenish til well after the result was called, greatly enjoyed it 
and studied away at the way everyone spoke, one of the biggest issues 
in Quebec Elections. It cast comical contrasts with Ontario politics. 
Five parties of lawyers and businessmen and professionals 
all bustling away with their important businessman way 
of talking about everything, so airy and empty, 
versus all comers from the humanists and historically 
civilian oriented types of people. We’re not Rome for god sakes 
our politics does not have just cause to be hostile 
unless there is secret motive; using hostility, as Conservatives have 
since the political annihilation of Joe Clark, 
whom I guess they thought was a liberal plant, 
but maybe conservative back then meant something very different 
Obviously, most people don’t want to be governed by businessmen 
In Quebec the whole process seems more fully lived 
We can’t even compare with our Ontario politics 
At least it wasn’t boasting businessmen absconding with the national wealth 
but passionate concerned Quebeccers determining via the processes that exist 
the upper frieze of what they’re faced with there. It’s been merry watching 
everything discussed with so little issue of the mafia department, with all its ties 
to both parties, and of course to many from previous encounter, 
corruption gets split up how when Quebec becomes a new country
also to at last say it, I watched most of one whole debate and closer to 3 hours
of election coverage and for a government of any dimension, was there a single 
first nations issues glimmered at all. Does it mean all parties are agreed
on hard resource extraction in the north? Are all parties agreed there is perfection
with regards to relations with first nations? Had there been a debate on that topic

that was less publicized? How work out those details? It would take more than lawyers 

and there aren’t really viable international courts anymore, if there had been


Canada’s history is just starting 



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