lost cat with license and everything

I’ve finally confirmed this cat hanging out weekly behind our building is not in any way associated with the businesses back there. Sad for the little cat. Cursed to life in the wild with jangling license and a bell, somehow carrying on. But now has a bad hind leg that hooks in a bit and is very week. It’s pretty hopeless, and yet, looks in good shape otherwise, despite the bell and bad leg seems to be eating enough and have good fur, and does not behave as if distressed. Enjoyed the sun all afternoon curled up on the girters. Such a strange season for cats. The only other one I’ve seen since the trees changed colour was the cream coloured cat in the gulley area, still lush and long haired and daydreamy. Neither seem distraught or stressed, just hanging around.

Walked right into the car salvage building to ask about the cat. Its longevity despite its situation had me convinced they were keeping it in there for the mice and just letting it out for a stroll once in a while. But the Russian guys didn’t even know there was a cat around. First they stared at me, ignored my questions, looks of disgust on their face. Then the boss came over, 2/3rds acting like he was going to blast me off the property, then smiling when he thought I was saying car. ie like I was claiming one of the cars they were salvaging was mine or of great interest to me. I seemed to get more and more british of voice, saying “no, a cat!” explaining its often out behind them, among the rotting cars, to which it retreats when I try to get acquainted. The big boss laughed with a roar and said ‘no, no fucking cat’. He acted like he wouldn’t care, but I thought I saw a glint of warmth in the corner of his eye as he rapidly turned away. Now when he sees that cat he’ll know I wasn’t a car narc, and he’ll laugh. I bet he eventually breaks and looks to help the cat a bit.

I’ve debated before the troubles of belling a cat, undermining the cat’s greatest skill, being silent so no one knows it’s there. With all the noise in the car shop… but I generally see 12 sparrows burst into space 10 seconds before that cat appears. The poor mice in that area. So filthy. I saw one that looked dead alive. Grey dead looking mouse except quick. “The quick and the dead.” He was living under the massive garbage bins. Once a month a huge hydraulic truck comes along, lifts the 4 tonne bin high in the air dropping stuff, while roaring machine noise. All over top this tiny thin boned little mouse. Then thunders the huge now empty massive echoey thundering bin back down with a carefree crash. What a choice of places to live!


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