C51 The Anti-Terror Bill

Far as I can tell, a bunch of faceless strangers will have access to everyone’s personal lives and carte blanche to do what they like with it. So then what do we have by way of democracy, equal rights and so on? We might as well be a third world country.

Also, I don’t buy the concept of terror, don’t like the way the word is used at all. There’s a ton of things to be scared of in the world, and plenty of ways to find oneself terrified. but terror is socketted in as specifically the sporadic attempts by people from disempowered positions striking out in mostly marginal ways, which often is basically identical to crime.

Life was more dangerous in the 1950s, 1930s, 19th century than it is today, and in those eras they held at least the stated belief in rights and equality, give or take built in prejudices

How is this era so much worse that we can’t have rights any more? Rights are fundamental to the social contract. It’s all just a pile of bullying without them, and we all know how successful bullying is at creating a safe human environment.

So, for me it’s a big thumbs down.



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