Robo Protest Weekend, Vote Suppression, Canada Tibet

Old City Hall, that neighbourhood of overgrown skyscrapers, a good place to be today to protest the widespread use of false mass phone calls and tricks of various kinds, trashy garbage politics, in election campaigns. It’s been aggravating me for decades, and recent years so atrociously irritating, and the last few elections, federal provincial and municipal, such obnoxious attempts to intrude, outrageous. The Sims! not here buddy. It’s infuriating that people that low of humanity feel they have the right to harass and upset seniors’ experience of the elections for instances. Without the technology of this era it wouldn’t be possible, and if a candidate behaved that way these same people who are seniors now would have marched into their offices. You don’t harass seniors and inconvenience them and try to distress them out of voting. It’s disgusting, and doesn’t even need to be criminal, you do not harass seniors.

Of course I and many others believe the Conservatives are the ones who have shoved it all up to this outrageous disgusting new level, and as a whole, not just some underling taking the fall. Clearly the aggression level and the abundantly evident hatred for the Liberals is perverse. It has all the good in it, of malware.

I was pissed off with it in the 80s already, the type of behaviour. It connotes greed, and some kind of extra vulgar willingness to do anything to take over the government. All the people fired for whistle blowing or providing accurate information that didn’t reflect government of the day prejudice, enough is enough.

So I’m glad others also feel this way.

You can shorten the leish from big picture to small picture. Anyone who dares to phone the very elderly and lie to them is not welcome in Canada

A fabulous day of course global warming winter tornados and sunny warm days, strange visit of summer. Groundhogs are looking at their blackberry’s – perhaps they need the sleep. Exhaused by June this year the poor things. Oxygen comes from winter days. Tilted planet, oil and uraneum make use of a country, nobody shares, wafts of fantasy capital fill winds of profits and destruction, big pharma and the insurance companies seem to lack prudence ruining lives, and press for corporation friendly governments, people are destabilized and piercing the veil of ripoffs becomes less and less what government cares about, busy ripping off the country themselves.. well well well.

Also of course a chance to see how protest culture is faring in this new bizarre era. Since the thousandsfold state crimes of the offensive g20 meetings utterly dispelled populace trust and likeability factors for the state. One barely sets out the front door without expecting ludicrous state aggression, after such a days or weeks long asinine siege. Time moves so fast these days it blurs past to a new era of those v for vendetta masks instead of the old bandana and goggles.

A protest over protocols of course is another matter. Protest over the g9 and g20 (g11)?) or poverty or war are different ones. You could call it a newspaper page 10 kind of story, maligning democracy for the sake of prisons for profit insane deals with haliburton and the whole demented corporate gouge. Page 10 or something. Small story top corner.

The Vendetta people, occupy, Anonymous, and of course the new socialists. Here’s some of the interesting fringe moments from the three protests I encountered this weekend:

Biking along Dundas to the Square to support the Tibetans
cruising up to yonge st in traffic i hear these two big beefy nasty born agains bellowing for jesus standing on the girter obnoxiously yelling at infinite passersby, and as I’m right near one of them bellows The Catholic Church Is A Whore, infuriating me as I’m biking by, and I do a voltive head neck at them from my bike lock on outraged eye contact follow through the traffic dismount and look back and they’re both looking back at me like fucking beerfest thugs- they knew they got judged. All agitated I walk the bike up to the Tibet protest. Good stuff, good people, quite the deep scene.

…Once into the scene of the Tibet protest, very comfortable and confident. Everyone sympathizes, and so interesting.

Sometimes in languages I do not know. I was still thinking of the born agains ‘jesus is your only way out of Sin!’ on the other side of the streets, and the police at a Tibet protest aren’t hostile starting out, so I wandered over to the group of them… It’s true, I thought it would be funny to rat out the born agains and quote their foul words to the police. Offensive to both catholics and women in general. The two most responsive police were in fact of an Asian background, though if either turned out to be Cree I wouldn’t be shocked to be wrong. Big solid dudes too, huge leader, just like the actor in so many Canadian movies and show, and a total Toronto Etobicoke accent, Toronto/Oakville, maybe Whitby who knows, but like a Marlon Brando big solid cop, and I lay it on him, suggesting they keep a mind out for the psychos on the other side of the street, somebody’s sure to get pissed off. And he says all deep “thats why we have something called free speech in this country, so that even very rude people can speak their minds.” Me and the other for sure Asian Canadian cop, a super wide beefy dude, both laugh, and I said to them, since I’d obviously busted up their moment, “well i’m not religious myself, but there’s definitely people who would be irritated by it.

All this relevance had was up yonge st shopping after at a fruit store – on yonge, how unusual is that – i step out and here’s an anarchist protest marching along, drumming, as many police as people. Respect small protests, I’m thinking, but also just baffled, the same batch of cops from the Tibet protest, and now it’s seeming like whats with this guy (me) front and centre at this one too, one tells the other, they’re looking me over, and the protest banner is so dense with fairly small print, I don’t even know the context.

No problems of course. I’m embarrassed what a polite, decorous, respectful, genteel protestor I am; breaks my heart. But when really bad politicians get into power and start fouling the democratic processes how is that a call to play football with unionized toronto police? City police are way more about the individual officer and what that guy does, and the crap in the courts, you can’t return what is deserved to scoundrels like the conservative party by fighting or insulting people attracted by the salary of a police salary. Besides, you’re dealing with crowds, lots of people from different parts, I always go back to the childhood mimicking, my Dad was in the Air Force and oft led marches in Moncton and St Jean, among the leaders, and was a good safe driver as well, just always orderly, even tho it might not look it, thats the actual protocol.

The protocol needs to be followed with regards to elections

The obnoxious assholish behaviour of new marketting are at a scale that goes past the law.

Maybe they’re trying to sell their crime agenda by committing lots!?



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  1. A bit of followup on all this. A key thing to note is that there was quite a variety of dirty politics, completely different methods, just about all of it favouring the Conservatives and pummelling the Liberals.

    Misdirecting voters on election day to wrong locations.

    Spreading false information about candidates.

    Obnoxious abusive calls under false pretenses. (I count two types: robopolling and aggressive live voice.) Offensive both.

    And the behaviour of scrutineers at polling stations:


    Comment by oversion — March 13, 2012 @ 3:35 am

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