ethnoscenology ontario colonialism (EOC)

Thinking is like swimming the breast stroke, and then evolving to front crawl. I feel like I’m kind of blind somehow, like in my left eye, to picking up jargon off the page, occluded in the intellectualside of the brain. But robotically so. Like my mind sees it, even if I don’t. High end jargonese from France. May it swim like dolphins.If it contained impetus toward post-ethnic-based studies – I wouldn’t be able to discern that, from something written that way.-

In all reality, our contemporary world makes a dream of all thats past. The British the British. The American Revolution. The beset always kavetiching Superpowers. Anyone who’s ever been powerful.

The study of ethnoscenology would not be to the exclusion of old standard ways of studying. But I’m seeing it as an observation of the deep gestures that are in all human shape, for a much further refining of conversation. Often, academic focuses of study can seem very serious acts of April Fools Day ideology, and ignore the British. The British are then stunned. The British don’t win. Ha, the British presently have almost Icelandic debts, political disarray, not much short of confusion. A lot of our laws come from the British. British meant well, but not so much those with power, not toward the rest of the world.

As a half 2nd generation half 3rd generation immigrant to Canada, – wait! – this is e

As a non-ethnic seer of movements and dreams, a flung spectral entity, a born presence, grinding out the synapses of bones and cartilege, pausing at the centre of Windsor, gazing on through to Detroit, as Windsor like a warning does, to which we hope Obama looks with love, and an affluent treatment system befitting the neighbour of another Nation, a friendly Nation, a friendly many nations,

for instance the shoe reinforcer scum rug that formed on the bottom of lake st clair from a chemical reaction between a solvent used in detroit that had a chemical reaction with all the chemical and other scum there already, tens of millions paid to fix it, still little known even locally.

And of course First Nation issues. Six miles either side of the Grand. We wouldn’t have needed Ford had we had Brant. A life indigenous to Ontario. Chippewa isseus. Some become resolved, always as in America and Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, if we are to have things right

The Third World: Thank God that phrase is used less in this era. It is so outrageous.

The British to the rescue!:

Basically, without unresolve or uncertainty, I’d say that the entire world has been a fiasco.

Human domination has proven harmful and dangerous. Like  a game played with toys and ineffable presumptions.

So ineffable.

It was a fun article in a lot of ways. Imagine the happiness in France,

the creation of a whole new ultratheoretical discpline for theses and conferences!

It’s like the 80s for a few milliseconds there, when new disciplines

sopped up the 90% or so of intelligence going to waste in the old ones.

It is one tiny bit of progress. The advancing of disciplined thoughtful

civil discourse among everyone.

Obviously the core curriculums of the whole school system and universities

is astoundingly ethnocentric. British, British, British.

o ive just had the best blog idea, needs pictures!

our home on native land, not our land


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  1. “our home on native land” that’s my song from now on. And whose land is it? This ethnocleansing is speciesist too – what about naked animals on stage? Shouldn’t they have their say? PC as in political correctness can’t rule theatre, though it can inform it. PC as in personal computer rules.


    Comment by czandra — April 9, 2010 @ 3:43 pm

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