Caroline Jones Memoral

From 1999 when she was set loose in our big shared house until her demise from hyperthyroid just before christmas in 2007, the star of my world was generally Caroline Jones, the cat. Once this post is up I will tell more stories of the speedy little lion, but first, to celebrate the 2nd memoral visit to see her shrines along Etobicoke Creek.

The dear dear Caroline always did connect me into the world more. In our big shared house, with so many people, and other animals, and her speed and enormous issues with being trapped, the idea of Caroline as an Indoor Cat would have been comical to operate. There was no such thing as indoors in her world. There were times it was cold or the traffic had been excessive she’d go in a closet, but not as could not be gotten out of fast. She could cross a room in a single instant, like time would flash, and after people would laugh, if she’d been sprung from a spot; and she could fly 3 storeys of stairs making just a single zapping sound. When dogs moved in both on the second floor instead of being only on the first, she’d still get by them, and they’d so long abandoned the comedy of attempting chase, and would just wag their tails to see her. However that 3rd floor window onto the roof did have to stay open. If the dogs chased her right into my room she’d get on top of the tv on its stack of milkcrates and tell them off. Not safe! Whereas the rooftops she could so easily elude the timid dogs… In any case, it was better than the squat she’d been left behind in. Born there, amid big boots and who knows what, raided and boarded up, for 3 weeks feral and alone in a once no doubt crowded house. Still tiny and young and malnourished, huge bulging eyes and insanely fast, she stuck with me, and in later years, I’d pretty much entirely diverted to planning my whole life with her wellbeing in mind. Hmmmm… it seems absurd and bizarre now a bit, but had she not gone ballistic with the thyroid issues, so resistant to the little pills and far moreso to trips to the vet! In fact it was a necessitated visit to the vet did the poor cat in. I think she knew she was dying, and only wanted to ease it down here in her home. I however, was overwelmed with horror at her distress, phoned the vet, they said to bring her in again, I said in her condition I doubted she’d endure the journey, let alone get her in the carrier in the first place. Well she did in fact prevail in that regard, as all. Breaking free from the attempt to get her into the carrier to go to the vet, she launched towards her entrance area and postiively sparked and launched into a mid air heart attack, and lay calm. Even as I howled into the phone to the vet people about it, practically having the same experience.

Since moving here to this little unit, with its good back yard for a cat, I’d thought I’ll just live really cheap til 50, save up and afford a more complete apartment, just as Caroline would have been reaching the indoor cat amenable stage of her life, and we’d settle into a nice basement one bedroom or store-top tenement, with multiple rooms for a cat to wander in, and still enjoy life. (And I’d then have a kitchen and prepare better food for each of us, as we twirled towards retirement.

Transitioning from her full territorial outdoor years (with all those anarchist skills she had) to cozy later years.

Should I have started a foundation for research into hyperthyroidism in cats? Let some goofy billionaire do that I figured. Researching it will only come to a better guess of volatile chemical balances. Thyroid transplants? The medical side is no escape on this one.

What really is mourning?

As for faith though, my faith in her remains total. Cats, dogs, the level of working together was off the carts. Minds that worked awake asleep in total.

Oh how could she possibly die?

So once a year but in different seasons we visit her shrines. The mounds.



  1. Writer’s Embellishment, as Letterman used to say,
    …So we’re wandering in the woods at night
    and like a soul vision from the 14th Century
    my new Love appears! Ha!, True, but in the sense
    of the rare disposable camera usage – o my cybershot!
    but this is just to say to all the suicidal types in the world
    life goes right on and changes and is all new life!
    The little lion’s death was like 647 concussions for me,
    and yet, life now is glorious, and I feel Carolina’s happiness
    at that. Mutuallity in love. I miss Caroline’s kind of
    absolute accuracy on vibe of everything, and her raging spirit
    (to think of bissett among her friends, “Is Caroline totally raging?”
    all the friends she had all these years o caroline the beautiful
    o caroline, our home on native land, Sweet Caroline, and Sero’s
    contributions, many songs sun, lots of Tom Jones, grampa eh
    …such a dear cat, …how can even this post be over? How I miss her

    Well it isn’t. For instance, I usually only drink gin and tonics
    if i have to, go bicycling far distances. But all brought that night
    was gin and sprite, for Caroline, (at times a british working class
    seeming cat.) For instance, if it is extremely cold and yet I had
    bicycled to a poetry reading down on Queen St., and now had to
    bicycle backuphill in that weather through traffic
    all grim of a thursday night, all the while knowing
    the lion was already tired of being workdays Wendesday
    and all day Thursday and then the infamy
    of going out to a poetry reading on such a cold night
    bang the bones with a gin and soda on ice
    let the eyeballs freeze in the wind and
    tearduct the petals all the way
    and never once didn’t make it
    arriving just in time to open a tin
    and make an evening of it
    watching the cbc news/journal
    or jon stuart and look over the
    books and pamphlets and artifacts
    which the cat’d be sleeping on before long
    the small press cat bed world
    hungers up for lion jones 1999
    the cat that could fly

    Comment by oversion — April 25, 2010 @ 5:58 am

  2. Raising a gin and tonic to the leaping, soaring spirit of Caroline!! Mutuality in love indeed.


    Comment by blueberryerie — April 26, 2010 @ 2:00 pm

  3. I will the great cat

    Comment by oversion — October 23, 2010 @ 5:20 am

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