For people who were appalled by the Olympics, long before Vancouver hosted any, appalled by the kind of Corporate Blitzcried that they are: a social wrecking ball, the replacement of regular humanity with sublimated prototypes, …the notion that such people can be asked to not write negative comments about the Olympics seems like sheer fascistic bullying, like beating up a suspect because he wo’t stop swearing, and they’ve ASKHIM not to. And a lot of people don’t even like Corporate culture to begin with. Shall it be illegitimate to say the mcdonnalds trans fat milkshakes were an abomination, or at least certainly seemed, I know I was appalled enough to stop having them, upon growing up, or that many of the Winter Olympic sports are in fact stunts not sports, no more advisable than car racing on Dufferin North. The whole society violently opposes racing cars on Dufferin North. Dufferin North is stressed enough… not that no one’s ever enjoyed and benefitted from a spin off job, but it’s sad, the money spent on the rare few instead of everyone. Not to mention that people when they write the experience of freedom they are undertaking livs the fact of freedom, dadaism and song.

O the Olympics, waiting for us to die so the super race can come, modelled on colonialism.



  1. It seems almost as if the government wants the negative comments as part of the pre-Olympics publicity.

    All my friends are writing and speaking against the Olympics as a money drain taking funding away from social programs and the arts, deepening the homelessness problem which is the open sore of life on the otherwise paradisical coast. The silencing comes in the form of cuts to the arts, laws preventing magazines, newspapers etc., from making negative comments. Impunity is rampant. The police have been given a free hand. Money spent on security for the Olympic Games is publically unquestionable because of the new laws. e.g. one security policeman (former Vancouver police chief Jamie Graham) bragged that thepolice forces had paid a bus driver to drive recent protestors in Victoria to their destination, a total misuse of public funds.

    Myself, I feel always that a city of the size and history of Vancouver, has much to benefit from the presence of people from different parts of the globe. I don’t believe that anybody is terribly nostalgic about the pre-Expo Vancouver, for example. Expo opened up the city in so many ways, especially for the arts.

    My partner Carol had hoped to take advantage of the Olympics to make and sell iconic landscapes of the West Coast to visitors and residents. The small businesses of the city will unquestionably benefit from the influx of well-heeled tourists.
    I haven’t been able to figure out who are the major beneficiairies in terms of financial reward, but I would say on spec the developers and their financiers. The one outstanding item on the budget is “security,”of course, a cost from which nobody takes profit, and for which people pay in terms of money lost for other social projects and in terms of beefed up police forces hostile to their rights.

    All for now. More later on this same subject maybe.



    Comment by Jamie Reid — December 3, 2009 @ 6:03 pm

  2. It’s a fact, these are really obscure sports, adventure sports,
    holiday sports, fantasy like reality shows but better,
    maybe this is the last olympics, luger’s a bad idea and so on,
    8 billion, a billion in “security” signals insecurity
    security for wheelchair bound is always important,
    not just for a week or so, 8 billion, Go Skiing! Wealthy 3%
    it’s really not my problem if you do, it’s really not that good an idea
    Okay and hockey? Does it need 8 billion dollars spent on it?
    It’s not the best form of tournament, all this one-game-theory
    Unnecessary, because hockey’s a whole winter
    And I too am irked by Coca Cola practises
    and Mcdonnalds – and use of olympics as ads
    for rights-erasing governments and while I do channelhop
    I would not ask that 8 billion dollars
    be spent on such things

    Comment by oversion — February 16, 2010 @ 5:51 am

  3. Well it’s a veritable negative comments factory in here!
    I would never have bothered but for the talk in the leadup to
    these Olympics that people should refrain from negative comments.
    Imagine! Over the years my Olympic coverage has been minimal.
    For instance, to my knowledge, across thousands and thousands
    of poems, I have never mentioned them. Ordinarily they’d be
    a vague dim glimmer of approaching external reality, forgotten
    as quickly as noted, and then one day or night, channel hopping
    going ‘hey, the olympics are on…’ Watching some skinny guy run
    ten thousand yards, wondering about it, checking out the Cary
    Grant movie on another channel, going and making hot dogs.
    Snoozing! But getting into it in bits and pieces. Thinking,
    daydreaming, and moving on. But the economic havoc
    they sometimes cause, Canada’s current insistence on
    owning the podium and being the best winter olympics ever,
    and the frantically excessive security, and again the attempt
    to intimidate away negative comment, too much! Who are the
    people who should be thinking Canada’s the best
    winter olympics ever? Past hosts? Canada 8, Norway 0.
    Leafs 8, Ottawa 0 would be more fun. And what do I hope?
    Hmmm… I hope figure skaters don’t mind or trouble at all
    that I just can’t usually get into watching them. Etcetra.
    Have fun anyway!

    Comment by oversion — February 17, 2010 @ 3:58 am

  4. It’d be so great if already so large Toronto
    could never get a big major global event jammed on it

    These things squeeze out the life growing naturally in places
    (and that life is who has to pay for them, lose-lose

    Comment by oversion — February 17, 2010 @ 5:43 am

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    sp far tonight since midnight

    Comment by oversion — February 17, 2010 @ 6:34 am

  6. glimpsing the searches used to find way into oversion
    again note the pursuit of feedback from vanoc

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    hopefully it’s easing off, and whoever it is reads other things

    Comment by oversion — March 2, 2010 @ 4:54 am

  7. Where will the olympics next create turmoil?

    Comment by oversion — December 4, 2010 @ 5:49 am

  8. Has Montreal’s economy ever recovered from the Olympics? It isn’t unreasonable for the Olympics to have a worldwide zero eviction pollicy. And stop bankrupting city after city. Go on, make the argument.

    Comment by oversion — May 26, 2012 @ 4:01 am

  9. Always with the increase in Views on my old vancouver olympics negative comments blog, named after a search phrase that touched down on one of my other posts daily and continuously from months before the VO’s to this day. The daily vancouver olympics negative comments search thread seems auto-generated and almost certainly from the olympics security world, looking to see who might be saying critical things of the olympics, so they can perhaps smite them prior. As they tour the planet through the years, numerous nations’ security apparati will no doubt be assessing this post. So I will tell you here: Big Ridiculous Public Events of Far Reaching Self-Importance do not attract me to their doors. Be it G8 meetings or national broadcasts, huge sporting events or international musical stars of ersatz forgettable compositions, what I seek is not to be there!

    And in fact with these current immanent Olympics, I feel nothing but sympathy for the real people of London and the Isles in general, and all the other countries. Stress! …I don’t wish stress upon people; life should be good. But pity the spending money at such volumes on such a tv entertainment when so much money is needed for primary life, it’s not a good decision.

    Sorry to have produced another negative comment.

    Comment by oversion — July 22, 2012 @ 2:56 am

  10. interesting… whatever i do, this vancouver olympics negative comments post from what feels like the 70s now, 2009 or so, continues to welcome the most views, week upon week. Absurd. Why not look at other posts and begin to come to some kind of perspective? It’s not some itchy news system in here, it’s a living blog. Youve perhaps noted no such focus from this blog on the london olympics. Why not be free?

    Comment by oversion — August 11, 2012 @ 3:12 am

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