Gem’s worrisome tail issues

Very pleased to see the Gem-Cat today, distinctive bear-like shoulders, gleaming fascinating gem-like eyes, and that stunning richness to his fur, he’s the one that proves the whole feral cat thing isn’t some kind of dreadful deterioration of the cat form. Sheen of coat, longevity, scintillating vigilance. I spotted him through the window at work. Managed to disengage the bolt and door knob without a sound and peak round at him. For all that he was on to my presence and it would have been the usual. But for all the almost reddish glowing black of shining healthy coat and eternal calm, the look of his tail worried me. Does it look like burrs? It doesn’t to me. The look of his tail is the first since 07 that I’ve ever seen him look slightly damaged. (Asleep he looks tired of course, but who doesn’t?) Is there a tail disease, with growths, or does he have tail only burrs? Saw the orange cat of the truck yard too, and the Andy Sutton hit on Leopold. Speaking of strange, what is the outrageous pathology this season on elbows to the head? That has been elbowing since the beginning of time, and if extreme a major. This year they’re all “ohhh that was a clean hit i agree with the ref on the no call” as if elbowing has ever been legal. And yes, if a bodycheck consists exclusively of the elbow on the head then what else is it? Well, most who look will be in it to see the cat and his tail issue, so to that, before you’re driven mad with hockey talk (http://barlowhockey/wordpress.com if otherwise. Geez my hockey blog gets low look counts.

See the nodes on the tail? Gem’s first health issue, ever. 3 dangerous years of good health.

my super quiet looksee out back allowed witnessing him at first kind of foolishly pawing at something. All cats are funny, even such austere intense ones.


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  1. Tough cats, these Downsview ferals. They take all their hits with no helmets, no Kevlar vests, no stick to poke back with.

    Thank goodness for strong sturdy teammates that have their backs.


    Comment by blueberryerie — April 20, 2010 @ 6:39 am

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