Toronto Island from an Oversion Perspective



Toronto is lucky as hell to still have its islands and some waterfront parklands
not just Toronto but all the migraters and migrainers together as one
the car free option of happy plants, an animal friendly small zoo,

Both from further south than usual and further north than usual
wild birds living their one and only l.ife find these islands and gain a breath
after the journey up from America or down from the Arctic

Of photos that turned out none really, surprisingly, of the arctic ducks
but seeing and easily seeing and easily photographing scarlet tanagers
after never having seen one but in bird books for my whole life

If the deluge of city life were ever let loose on the islands they wouldn’t even exist
whole place would be a parking lot and wildlife coming this way
would all die. I also think the skyscrapers would be better removed as well so but


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  1. I took 7 photos of the Scarlet Tanagers in the tree above and in 3 you can see one of them
    2 of which they stand out in any thumbnail size, but I can never find the third once not looking at it
    and never both at once

    Comment by oversion — May 22, 2015 @ 2:02 pm

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