One assumes that it is because the world
is completely out of control that
over arching control formulas
dominate the public realm

Unfortunately what results then
is a belief in heavy handedness
and stark simplistic totalities
lacking multisidedness

Everyone imagines a way of life
that would have everyone living the best way

All lack trust on that scale
there is no greater body
and there is only “just us”
so tribal

Israeli’s Palestinians Syrians
Tibetan monks I don’t blame anyone
for being themselves and everyone is also anyone

One goes three times through it

Unfortunately not all will be satisfied in the end

Everyone knows this, but only the war tech  gains at all from it but they will not

All have every reason to lives their lives all out

Italy’s lonely battle with organized crime and, relative ‘chaos’ a psychic bullealeap

One’s great great grandfather’s swirl into view

Unfortunately’s swerving ricocheting randomness is the true power

Everyone is living in the same life in the rare and unique proximity of now

All are pulling into the same parking spot

India’s genius, possibly India genius ?

One sparrow more in november

Unfortunately no one can protect them from the starlings, but I try and succeed mostly

Everyone hears the starlings who don’t have a humanly political wing tho don’t count them out

All I want is for the 3 main groups of sparrows to be uncontested where they are, and th e ranging widespread starlings controlling most of the area to just fuck off
from out rooftop Don’t even’ land there, but my personal affiliation is with psychics
and their light frieze of cosmic coincidentalist real consciousness balancing all that

I could moose a suv any workday, and I’m on everyone’s side


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