Feral Sparrow Caretaker Issues

I’d been giving them the owner’s high seed content bread but wonder bread is okay with them. In some ways it’s better to the circumstance. Our high end bread (I buy the same kind so there’s no telling whose who’s) is astounding for them when they first discover thats what theyre eating (such beautiful sparrows have lived on the back of our building all these years. I’ve gotten to know many of them.

Each generation of sparrows has its sparrows that are just straight ahead as fast as they can having as much fun as they can have and sparing fleeting thought for the people in their lives

We on the fire escape tossing bread are ghosts to them
startling sudden giants.

The sparrows at the front have a larger group, but for whatever reason this troupe of sparrows or a troupe of sparrows takes up our old piping system just under the roof to off and on year round nest and live in the back and to the ferns. The ones in the front have more trees and bushes but also more coming and going – a parking lot is busier than a ship yard, only problem being the shipping yard is all cement and everything blowing around in the wind

but those that do survive their first flight attempt from high in our brick wall have something special about them. We don’t own the building, really they do. All the units have sparrow households, the technical next unit from us has a venting system that is full of sparrow talk every moment of the day, the Wall is talking

the area is also popular with finch wren minisparrow seasonally and the ingenius cedar waxwings and of course blue jays squirrels cardinals red tail hawks a kestrel and some eagles came through a few weeks ago, yelling in the sky, and of course the cats groundhogs and coyotes

it would also be prime habitat for turtles and o to see and get to know a muskrat. When my father had his cancer and was in so unnaturally dealing with the terminal ward in Windsor I would go to his favorite spots so as to report of them and it was the only time I saw the mysterious muskrat, and in all the years I’ve never seen a similar animal in any photo online. It’s only years later with internet one sees muskrats are like a cross of beaver groundhog and seal, and not ratlike at all. The animal I saw swimming back and forth building a nest at the opening of Lake St Clair 0

because of my Dad’s condition I was there at all hours, 3 in the morning, 4 in the morning 5,30 in the morning 6,15 in the morning 7 20 in the morning 8 15 in the morning. The animal swimming back and forth was skinny like a rat just a lot taller, like some 2/9ths of the way from rat to kangaroo, insane smart looking too. At one point it straggled up on shore, looked like a 73 year old island man, the sort that is active 97% of waking hours lol! Long hair fu man chu so wise staring back at me on the shoreline from the rocks. For sure it knew my Dad was unwell, my Dad would have been a common sight for 35 years or so, probably missed by the shore rock dwellers.

May it never end

Even if humans all went away sparrows would use those places as they were

sparrows ferals

feral sparrows

It could just be that this is a perfectly well high functioning feral cat only embarrassed to find themself seeming frightened by nature, suddenly realizing I’m there.

I still see the cats stalking along behind the johova fence and cedar fern line of their lot but i just let them go on along

failed to help their generation well enough
thats what it seems like
our failed generation
we thought progress
had been made
it had not
all has been
regression since
warmongering venal raiders with no “presence on the ground”
a sclerotic heartless cruel state
just in it for the money and semblage of power
and so vague on the reality


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