Sanders Clinton Trump Cruz

Trump’s maniachal dream is just such sheer hubris
He doesn’t know how things work, doesn’t even share the personal agenda of a government,
he’s just trying to win it as if at the casino and see what he can get out of it.
He doesn’t care about us, about running a bureaucracy and 300 million people’s lives or
ordering a society. Tin pot madman with not even the beginnings of insight
into life overseas or out of his purview in general. An entertainer and a trickster.

I would actually see the election of Trump as among
the faster clumsier steps on the path to Armageddeon;
not an important step, but one of the dumbest ones to look at in retrospect.

Hilary and Bill are so competent, but Bernie Sanders Democratic Sociallism
sounds like the way to go.

Deciding it goes more to Hilary Clinton’s reluctance to join forces with Sanders

Congress is so eroded it’s not even real. And the Senate stinks to high heaven.

With Trump it’s guaranteed by his whole behaviour
that he’ll do whatever he pleases. People would be voting a blank cheque
and too late to do anything about it because Trump IS the Government now.
It’s almost worth seeing as a sci fi film, like having a
traditional Fassbinder fest New Years weekend

with Hilary Clinton you’d at least have a rational government
Trump, Cruz, Carson, that’s not being offered

Sanders amounts to The Truth

Do your best America



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