Union 911

Everyone relies on one another. And the closer you get to Essential Services the more you need the backing of a Union. Criminal levers of state and depraved businessmen have always existed. We are all dealing with the same soup. Whether someone is in a group of workers loading garbage into trucks or sitting in an office being honest or cruising the beat or writing reports for the construction of a bridge, you need the backing of a union visavis the criminal operators and the quicksilver government operators and all else involved the middle men the non-peacekeepers, those ordered to do what they shouldn’t, justice is 11 yards down field, a first down only 10. The money is represented; the workers need to be as well.

The clown stops your dog in the street, your dog has rights. Earthly and profound, and total.

Pro Union heft for me has actually come from working non-unionized jobs! The ridiculous situations, the ill advised activities, and not one thing to do about it, but quit. Thanks so much, for poverty that resulted at such times. Terrible, outrageous jobs. Politically incorrect part these days would be tributing smokebreaks! When the heat was on Bob Rae Premier I actually witnessed him up zipping up out of King and Yonge Station, on the run! And I’d been 15 minutes before listening to live coverage of the accusative mayhem in ontario parliament. We made eye contact, I was a grizzled communications dept typer for bank of america, and up he comes, in the flesh, hair flying, sees me and the look on my face, all pissed off about working late that night, and thinks I’m another dude out there who hates him. And off he scampers avoiding the media and sadly head up back up stairs. 11th floor the fucking machines not functioning well, as a besieged ndp govt went south.

Another smokebreak, from a typing chicken coup in royal bank’s upper decks, (accuracy is everything, to a true typist) carpal tunnel hall as i liked to think of it, all the long termers back from their doctors offices about the wrists, and the young screwballs laughing at the notion of being so hellfired careful with it, really fed up with everything about that job, i wandered further on my evening smokebreak, (it was a 4 to 12 shift) and who comes walking along but a harried buzz hargrove. Being from Windsor and listening to him ever since, the sense of connection was strong, despite his never having encountered me. Externally I was all easy going ironic, seeing by his frazzled state he had not had an easy time he was emerging from 10:15 or so, in whatever meetings, but internally, I just wanted to scream at him, Unionize the Royal Bank!!! For the people who work jobs like that and wind up desposed of (or even harassed and blacklisted, simple souls trying to learn) the improvements a union would make would be worth more in health care than the health care their contracts might tout. Union! Union. And I am one who believes that had there not been other lines of work that did have unions, our non-unionized lines of work would have been 3 times worse, 10 times, or lethal altother, like it was until after worldwar 2


There’s no mistaking the longer range picture though.
When we moved to Windsor in 1969, the exceptionally friendly kids on our street would sing in unison at the door to gather the tribe for the day, and when I first moved there, about the 2nd or 3rd day they came, een adjusting the song because they only knew there was a kid their age in that house. People hadn’t done that in St Jean or Moncton and it caused much laughter.

And one of our favorite types of adventures was to walk or take the banana seat bikes past the car industry strikes, and pool every penny for fries or a hamburger from the trucks set up for the strikers. To me, a town that doesn’t have revolving strikes is a place with no soul. Would Windsor have been so fun without the union relationship to it? The real failure of our political nation is the rude failure to respect unions. Be it St Jean or Windsor or Vancouver or Toronto, Thunder Bay or North Bay. Shame! The Clothiers the Forestiers the Miners

Not only that, but our unions have better leadership than any other sector of society.

An aging workforce versus Chaos.

Societies don’t run on bluster and tv ads



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