Obama’s downcast performance in the first Romney debate

From what I saw of it, I’m surprised there’s been no followup
about it. Beyond lacklustre, Obama looked flat out depressed, painfully unhappy, impatient, but completely restrained
at the same time. In short, like someone who’d just gotten
terrible news, or been told of something that was going to
happen, in whole responding as one who would respond
to whatever it was in the future, when the ducks were
in a row. It was absolutely out of character to
every moment I’ve ever observed him.

I read somewhere recently that he is the most intelligent
President in many decades. And clearly, an amazingly confident
person. So I have to think it’s something like that –
he’s just heard something, he’s grimly digesting it,
but he knows better than to pursue it without
getting the facts.

My curiousity with Romney, who’s fully demonstrated he’ll
change his whole story and entire position on major topics
just for momentary expedience, but, why after every
utterance does he pause and make that pleading face
which mixes rich guy “can’t you see I’m better cause i’m richer”

I’ve seen that look before and it’s as identifiable as cheesecake.
for president.

If I were to scrap all my speculation, and go surface value,
I might think Obama is just terribly sad that politics is such bullshit, that all he’s got to contend with is Romney’s zero ideas, empty campaigning, noncommittal, anything to get elected, third rate hypnotism, clearly the debates aren’t a satisfying circumstance to actually discuss anything with an intelligent other. It was like he was alone in that debate while a depressing max headroom doll played on.

And how is it that I always sympathize with Obama,
even as his government carries on so much of the bush cheney machine? Smashing whistle blowers like bugs, menacing overseas?
Best case is he knows some types of things can’t change fast,
and better thinking has to rise gradually through the ranks,
which he attempts to foster by respecting even the wretched
core of his repubican opponents and the past regime.
Their many supporters have to be calmed, as powerful as they are, and it has to be gradual.

…Sometimes when I criticize American politics,
someone suggests by way of countering me that
Canadian politics isn’t much better.
It stems I think from the idea of the critic
portending to know better and come from a superior
way of being. It surprises me they do not notice
the similar to identical if not more shrill
criticism of politics here.

The Conservatives seem a unity of convenience together,
between 3 or 4 types: the blithe technocrats, with their
business world connected well off tidy money oriented politics,
more for the rich, less for the poor, and less ‘inconvenience’
for themselves – Flaherty’s crowd;

joined to the genuinely mean, angry, men of quite a cruel
agenda, Kenney’s version, and I’d love to hear some open
analysis of what his business is (loves Israel and foetuses
and absolutely hates all else) which is a solid wing
of that party; and the old yokel types, always elected in their
kinds of ridings, and out of favour politically since the 60s
willing to endure baird and clement and even the baffling kenney
to get some of their own back, ride the horse again, as if
the likes of toews and the minister of tainted meat
have any sense of the rest of this country; if there’s a
fourth category, the best I can come up with to name them
might be, unthinking careerists who believe their own hype
and are careful not to ever to see too deep around them.
When this adds up to a say nothing prime minister acting
like an improbable puppet most of the time whats a debater to do?

Whom among them can be reasoned with?

Obama would find our politics just as disheartening.
And to hear clips again a week later of Justin Trudeau,
with his cliche ridden speech, well, it all resembles
the towering sleepiness that comes on this time of year
when the weather turns that corner to a certain level of cold
and dark. and our moods going off like many groundhogs
into the soil.

So let’s look at Obama socially. As a President, one context
is as a leader among leaders. Does he have a friend in the world
leader wise? Identifying with him, I’d look around and think, Cameron’s a friccin snake, Harper’s a cold hearted weasel
eager for my opponents to win, Merkel’s all but unreadable,
and France surely must be avoided with its admirably stark
tax switch up. 75%! This is right out of my own taxbook,
ie a colourful alternativist bailiwick for speculation,
certainly not something an american congress or senate
or mainstream political party could possibly do.
Even if it were necessary for survival.

Government has less power than the rich in America,
and Harper is seeking to make that the case here too.
Agree or Disagree?

I always have several theories, and have another
unrelated to all above: Obama is a talent, like a writer,
poet, singer, and found himself nonplussed to not be able
to perform most of his repetoire in such a context as
debating the haggard suit Mitt Romney. It was a real step
down for him, from brilliant pre-President campaigner
to President!, and then down to having a lousy empty debate
with Romney – on that stage either the smiling charismatic
or the precision man of action or the soulful caring
people person, not that it’s an act, but it is always
a performance as well; all would have seemed like
showing off standing next to the very binary and
depressing Romney.

Where is the fun of it for Barack Obama?
This is the question dogging this campaign now.
And perhaps the world.

Even as some developments in his politics are nightmarish,
seemingly broken by Wikileaks away from his rights background,
suspended in the oil and weapons industry silence and
that hopelessly mulish electorate.

Where’s the fun of it? An unenviable task.


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