Letters Bookshop, Minto Editions!

Met up with Nicky and Sam at Butler’s Pantry on Markham tonight for a kind of blind leading the blind session as I like to think of it, though thats just entirely in my head and nothing at all to do with any other reality! I was keen to deliver a gift mailed through my trusty hands and suggest a countergift so that giftgiving remains a viable and important part of life in Ont. I was pleased he liked my photo of the building for Letters Bookshop in Minto. As he continues to search to relocate the mad archive of hyperextranneous literary artifacting over the centuries. It wasn’t til I returned home from this happy fortuity that the wisdom of boasting of books in Minto condition came to mind. It will be as new to Nicky and Sam when they see this as to you.

Ha, relocating Letters to Minto would be one of the most fun things ever to happen on this earth; surely the party we’d have upon completing the job would convince the people of Minto everything about this deeply urban transplant to country town ontario was for the best.

The amazing thing with little towns like that is that it’s not some general rule that applies, but just the actual literal individuals that live in it.

Always tough to move to a new place. People are strange when you’re a stranger as Jim Morrison or Mike Myers says. Specially arts and poetry folk. I lived in a village of 2000 from age 13 to 22 so I know. But I doubt there’s 2000 in Minto!

They say that since the Mike Harris mergers of all little towns and places their inner city tax bases are unheralded albatrosses – thats what Harris made of them, saving the province money, (though of course people live at once in municipalities provinces and nation states. A provincial or federal government saving itself money is not a savings for a denizen who is after all a denizen of all three at once. Many towns resultantly became extinct, even as such places might tend to vote that way! Voting is a kind of thresher running through the public interest half the time, but I only invest so much worry in it as it’s intractable.

And the love of it all transcends year to year issues.

There are rules to life, or ideas at least, and one is that you don’t have to participate in the tractor pull, or anything else!

You can even simply be amused by the surrealism of it going by down the main street, after the fact. It’s all so remarkable. The people seen here bringing back their muddied suv simply live on the other side of town from where the tractor pull was. Is that a delectable fact? (I’ve lived so many places it’s all one big crazy world to me.

Butler’s Pantry was great though. I must confess, I’ve been walking past there since the early 90s, always assuming it was expensive. But everything was really well prepared, sublime, top quality, and a really pleasent place.

All we had was a pitcher of Creemore and hot fish cakes and lemon coconut cake, and some conversation, but you could tell how well it was all done, all moist and fresh. Strange that the Central, Southern Accent and The Victory Cafe have most of the poetry business on Markham. Butler’s Pantry would seem like a natural. Shepherd’s Pie, 9.95. Thats high end! Sam and Nicky explained “It’s where the butler eats.” A traditional high end niche market, predicated on good tips.

Sam throws his head back in laughter and thinking of one of Nicky's stories new path.


But that's just what happens, the Preternatural Community are born, randomly! Born spiritualists of irony, singing for cats all the time.

I suppose what defines the Preternatural Community is Empathy. Much of the progress of human reality would not have been achieved without it. Life is not all profit, except in the widest sense, gain, through empathy, in spiritual strength and worthiness of life.

cat's of infinite family tree

Soon we'll be having these conversations and watching hockey games. CBC's picking up AHL games Sunday afternoon, which I entirely approve of. All the levels of hockey are contiguous.

dreamt of poetry readings / in Minto bookshop / "in the new" Century for God sakes, how not be inspired

just gotta getter windshields up good / see everything again

Winter arrives, like a whole nother planet.

The dream of hockey, hockey the good. I believe it is in the shoulders and windblades or the back moreso than indoors as it is meant to be windy and snowy when playing the hockey. Outdoors the games are real.

Keeping an eye on everything through August of course. Faith in people, birds, cats, lakes, trees...


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