Poetry’s Future, postpostmodernism, so far

the double edged sword news of the moment –
I have a dozen things to say on this
a concern in itselv the number of comments,

but also:

my latest attempt to unjam the keyboard
has evvected more ovten used letters,
the v (the letter that sounds like ph) key
instead makes that, a v.
(follow up note, by figuring out pressure levels
and angles, able to make f’s by mid text)


Nothing must be personal about my opinion –
conceptual only – My wrecked old computer keyboard
segues to second point:

a perception that the privvilleged educated wealthy and positioned resourced with tech and (time and space) and platform – who then dumb down to reveal the banal or, work with steep challenges of constraint can’t help but be viewed in a given way by those already inherantly dealing with tons of very obstinate constraints and lacking near all such resources. (It flashes to mind vividly with retyping the ny times and having the massive online footstamp when internet was a frivolity of the rich and insane. We were living in two worlds unconnected – the larger non internet world as dinosaurs more vivid when most didn’t yet have computers.)

Herre’s where it divides into multiple paths for me.
I’ve encountered multiple forms of it.
Initially in anthologies and course work in the 80s
within poetry (and a few novelists that were somewhat aligned);
then the feminist variety via personal interconnections advancing through academe; then vancouver’s version of language writing at the kootenay school; then toronto’s version that was nothing like any of the above. Actually none of these really had much in the way of similarities among them.

Pomo filtered through the Toronto postmodernism of the 90s and early 2000s is unrelated to American which is likely much more realistic and contextualized. I doubt the Feminist theorists or Kootenay School would focus on it, such different objectives. So we are talking about multiple unrelated versions. My Toronto filter ppeared to play it for laughs, spectacle almost, circus marvels of specialty tricks. That influence has in time diverted to a pre-eminence of journalism (in real history)

So different than:

The Kootenay school relatively marxist for instance, by contrast. Not driven toward success but process.

Feminists also mildly marxist, almost in a ‘goes without saying’ way, with exceptions of course. A much more humanized variable
active in feminism, much more complex than marxism, tho still
the outline – labour, production, meaning, with meaning in the
after the fact mode, and labour taken into account.

Hopefully it’s all made us all better writers.

Meanwhile Poetry, greatest of all art forms
(with its twin music and alternate visual Art)
oft seemed to be blown up in the process.
Good old poetry, coming down the pike
from john of the apocalypse to Diane Di Prima
in one long brilliant zoom, passing joyfully through
Shakespeare Jeffers and Baraka, up and down Ginsberg
and branching through Keats Merwin with the French between,
along with Russian elegaics and Arabic streamers,
somehow locked into a briefcase and sold to a man
in jail as some kind of booby prize for simpletons,
(right through Greek literature to rap and haiku. All cast as secondary to the fad.

For feminists poetry was understandably fraught with gendered baggage near suffocating its own value through century after century of fails. For the Kootenays old school poetry was advertizing – “Visit the Niagara Falls of Literature” – (a memorable take on Toronto poetry from a Kootenay schooler of note – noted ‘leather jackets and pony tails’)

All partly valid in pole vaulting argument, but not eclipsing of
poetry in my opinion.

Toronto’s goal was just about to turn old poetry to rubble
the Kootenay School to just head off in another direction
…and then- to teach poetry in universities, a disturbing thought.
A perverse irony really, if good for a chuckle.

I tend to see poetry in the present as growing back
from all these things. And for better or worse,
the single greatest source of it is … blog posts,
status updates on facebook, naming of things,
and the rest of the internet. The internet!,
which has liberated poetry from the hothouse.

such that, it now doesn’t matter. It is everywhere.
It has outsmarted dans histoire its pursuers and destroyers.
Ingeniusly more elusive than statuary for instance.


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