Stress and outrage over past history

It definitely seems tens of thousands of people got away with sadistic disgusting crimes of the most serious nature because “That’s how it was back then”


“Velma Demerson was arrested under Ontario’s Female Refuges Act, used to imprison women suspected of leading “an idle or dissolute life.”

If you read the article, besides common law habitation, crimes such as being raped by a parent, or being poor, or having a crazy vindictive father, would be sadistically punished by amoral power mongering police, sinister law ignoring judges, and penalties during incarceration inflicted by religious personnel, felons all! The arrests of “incorrigibles” never on the books continued til 1964 and beyond. In similar spirit to the residential schools, our ignorant worthless scoundrel governments rolled thus.

O the stress of reading such things on the long Tuesday evening TTC journey home from a long workday. Sets the mind aflame. Biked home troubled from Dupont Station and then posted the article I’d read.



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