Cars so often carry one person, who is driving, just like bicycle.
So there you are, one person and one other person on a raod
and what car doesn’t act like you have to desperately get out of the way? Cars never signal til already turning, it’s too hard for the weak little hands. Car drivers embody impatience.

But the car drivers I’m supporting here are deferential forgiving and kind. It’s sad that cars exist but in their very torment is that extra thrill, bicycles are better

Having no car I don’t park much, but friends give me a ride or guests visit from out of town the runaround the city of toronto parking authority in its arbitrariness and incompetence presents impossible situations and as David Miller would say that is just not right. I’ve documented in the past a Danforth evening where almost no cars were parked because it was a rainy night early in a chilly week, but as we had come for a poetry reading by car in the rain we had to park. All the machines were out of order, which you’d think would waive the fee but it was promptly ticketted anyway, without regard for the metre’s still being out of order when we got back. My friend could then miss a day’s work to regain $30 or just pay it. Was that in any way reasonable?

Another friend visits from out of town and this has revealed the true challenge faced by car users. Not once have the machines at the municipal lot been functioning. Three for three last night, one wouldn’t take money at all just going from WAIT A MOMENT PLEASE to TRANSACTION FINISHED. Another would accept as much as 6 dollars before spewing all the money back. Our goal was to reach 7am for the overnight rate then add enough to get near enough to 10 to just visit once collect the car and move it to a street. If the overnight to 7am met the legal parking on our street at 10am we’d pay whatever the rate there wouldn’t be the 3 hour gap; it took half an hour to get up to 9 when it refused more money which meant from 8 to 10 the car could not park anywhere.

There are three machines in that lot (lippincott south of bloor) and none were working. There were crowds at each one trying. One guy with a credit card said usually that works but none of the machines were taking the cards. He gave up and left. One machine would do nothing at all, and the other two spewed back the change or stopped at like 6 dollars (enough to get to 3am or so). Useless! What an introduction to the city for tourists!

So really, whats the option? Get gouged, ripped off, robbed, (there’s a crazy guy who tries to sell expired tickets to frustrated people. Practically lives there.) It’s all just a farce. So, presently, having gone to kilgours and becalmed with a guinness while watching the lot for parking police we returned, managed to pay through to 8am, got up after a power outage and are now risking the fine to be on the street for another little while if it’s not been ticketted already.

Is there really some point to this? When not visitted by people with cars I tire of the area being filled with circling cars crowding around everywhere and always in a cranky mood but whenever a car visitor comes I see why.

Wonky machines that never work and stupid rules that are impossible to work with says one thing: TERRIBLE ILLTHOUGHT DISDAINFUL INEPT INDIFFERENT CYNICAL PLANNING BY USELESS DORKS.

And it causes contempt or dislike for the city and makes people burn gas driving in circles. Does anyone in the city government take responsibility for this?

c parking ticket is invalid



  1. from the Municipal Parking Authority’s website:


    The machine wasn’t working/I couldn’t obtain a permit.

    “Although we check our equipment on a regular basis, sometimes technical difficulties occur. Rather than be stranded for a parking permit, we encourage you to give us a call to report the difficulty so that a violation notice can be avoided.”

    ie., it’s 11:55pm, you’re downtown in a parking lot, as so often before the machine has ripped you off or malfunctioned, and you expect:
    TO HAVE SOMEONE IN GOVERNMENT ANSWER THE PHONE AND SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. …Shouldn’t the second number you call be a psychiatric institution to provide a diagnosis for your delusional expectations?

    Comment by oversion — December 13, 2009 @ 6:56 am

  2. It’s got to be 80 or 90% bad experiences with the parking authority. Again, I don’t drive myself, but have a profoundly well regarded, loved friend who visits with some frequency, astoundingly kind, noble, generous, and not at all wealthy herself, but, driving a car nonetheless.

    So far tonight we have sacrificed $41 to the quest to place her car somewhere overnight, and yet unfortunately the alarm for Sunday morning must be set for 7.55am so that she can clamber from bed and walk in the cold to the municipal lot to prevent another ticket; once there she will have to either pay yet again to continue being parked there, or drive around the city til 10am when local streets allow parking.
    How can this be? Well, most of the neighbourhood disallows street parking between 12pm and 10am. Familiar with this we searched at length for a spot and finally found one, then returned at 11:55pm having made several purchases to build up $11 in the looneys and twoneys.
    But despite all the effort, we found a $30 ticket: that particular ordinary spot for some reason disallows parking not from midnight til 10am but from 10pm til 10am. Nearby signs still read midnight to 10am, but there’s an extra sign there that we did not see. We then took the car anyway along with ticket to the municipal lot on Lippincott. We placed the 11 dollars in the machine and somehow this only qualified us to park until 8.06am. $6.50 is the fixed rate for parking til 7am, so the additional 4.50 somehow only bought us another 66 minutes.

    A rational question at this point is why doesn’t the city simply cap parking at 3 hours anywhere, charging perhaps 1000 dollars for those 3 hours, and at that point the visitor has to remove the car from the city and return on foot? How does the city manage to change the rules for parking between every visit? $41 since returning from a trip to Ottawa at 7:30 of a saturday night.. where an indoor city parking lot that issues each vehicle number upon entering the lot, where we thus parked from 6:30pm until 10am and were billed 12.50 when we collected the car, with no other effort at all. Here in Toronto we’re down 41 dollars and have to get up at 7.55am to walk in the cold to the municipal lot – at which point street parking will still be prohibited until 10am.

    It’s onerous. At this point I have greater regard for panhandlers, muggers and rats than I do for the perfectly relentless hounding fiends of toronto municipal parking. It’s exceptionally rare for panhandlers not to simply take no, or no response at all, for an answer to their pleas. One can take a self-defense course and fend off a mugger. And one can visit Home Hardware for defenses against the tenacious rat species. But the Toronto Municipal Parking Authority is practically unappeasable. Even if one devotes unlimited amounts of money to the purpose, a person’s visit to Toronto is incessantly contracepted by the necessity of stopping everything, including sleep, to pay and pay and pay these malfunctioning machines, never relieved from changes to rules, new rules, special rules, misapplied rules, mechanical errors, malfunctions, and unending blunt frustrations with the process.

    The person you are exhausting and hounding for money has worked 6 days a week for much of two decades to break even raising two good sons. I’d let her sleep, and fetch the car myself, but I don’t have a driver license, bike everywhere, and am on the whole anti-car, (tho not asininely anti-car the way this government is.) Other political issues facing the city matter to me, but I will never vote for an incumbent municipal politician, as long as my dear friend’s visits here are so rudely fouled with by the insipid, incompetent, arbitrary-minded, greedy, insidious parking authority. We have to build our days around this chronic parking problem when she visits. She’s one who, like me, would probably eschew having a car if her job back home didn’t require it. Thanks to her immense efforts all these years, an ancilliary benefit is the exploration of the world her having the car fascilitates, and yet for no good reason the City of Toronto aggravatingly complicates her visits here each and every time she visits.

    If the government of the city wishes good will from good people, it will correct itself on this problem of its making.

    Comment by oversion — December 13, 2009 @ 7:30 am

  3. I will gladly cover the ticket expenses, and blame not
    the protocol exacting workers, but the protocols themselves
    and stress of process, in what otherwise could make sense

    Comment by oversion — December 13, 2009 @ 10:20 am

  4. They shouldn’t be able to give a ticket if their machine wasn’t working.

    Comment by oversion — March 28, 2010 @ 4:47 pm

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