988 Brant Visit

an halloween equinox eclipse




of first day of end of dark in winters


to immanence immanence immanence of spring We got to clear out this mass of wild plants as deep in

as the main trumpetters



just for fun and burn some of it off



And explore a Brant welcome house. For more litmus epiphenomena on the history see the related post here Brant Cellar… I’ll find the link

And the Christmas tree at last, long asleep in the front yard, keeping local wildlife warm.





Such a cat lives in that house.

farm cats seem the toughest in the game. Truckulint cat. So serious. So much on his mind. But truly serious; a serious cat with a kind of guarded nature to be sure, so focused, always so serious. Deep world that cat lives in. And yet sleeps. Imagine the meaning of sleep for that cat. Hangs out outdoors as natural as sirens call. Comes and goes insistently. Always focused. So how awesome the sleep. Letting himself not worry about it. Even the feral cats listen to me more than that cat. On the one hand, it’s good, he’s got his real business to focus on, but truly, learning to love the puppy will become more and more a necessity. Help the puppy, who will help the cat, when the cat is old. Perhaps is a matter of the approxicate perfect blend level of socialism, collectivism, of which there’s always some. Government is inherantly socialist, all forms of government, goverment as a category is a social function of collectivized effort. The amount.

Calm gentle approximate accepted mixed socialism with full human rights.

We must edge on into the 21st or 57th or ten billionth century

but also be gentle to the earth (waters lake sky

nature fights back, but the ocean

soil is a kind of ocean

save the living parts!

We will only know
what a paradise it is
when there is no longer anything like it


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