2000-2010 v mz w&buffalo ov9style

for a mailing and found extra copies from a wide shelf collapse

poetry magazines one timers
homemade and rose’s of each other
that i was in (which is about 7 per cent
the other 93% being just home photocopy
i find the digital is a very smoothe transition
from the all ready digitalesque photocopy
certainly similar


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  1. Just to prefollowup that, there will be about 4 such compendiums of photocopy work from this era, so it is far too soon to write overall followup.

    But just so the 23 to 53 afficionados are’nt puzzled, items from the 1990s were often remixed in the 2000s 1st decade, and I can only assume that as I age past 5 decades the lifelong combining will condense again and again to the most glorious pages of such joy as the pyramids would at last relax. In that sense, this first batch, which may be added to, introduce the notion, while the depths of it are as upine a sea of woods size proportions, immense and individual.

    Two of the entries will be distinct and either posthistorical or completely released from temporality. My father’s essay on Crime and Punishment in the 18th Century has photographed well, challenging to read at the full double 8 1/2 x 11 but
    highlightable in stark paragraphs so influential on me that would it likely apply to others as well. And of course Weeds, the 1994 classic that morphs along.

    Also celebrating the way the phootocopy arts themselves carry so much stuff along, gifts from the 1990s and early cuber era

    Comment by oversion — April 3, 2012 @ 3:48 am

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