2017 Forward NDP

The NDP has to become recognizable again. Mulcair and Horwath didn’t even remind me of NDP. And Robin Sears insulting the listmakers just said “not the time to vote NDP right now” Imagine life here with Jack Layton Prime Minister and Tony Silipo as Premier. Canada’s always had the potential to be a great country but has just been various temporary specializations up to now.


hydro turned into demented cash cow for useless slick suits

water sold for 3 cents sold back to us for billions – idiots!

basic technology – internet et al is like electricity these days
used to gouge billions by service systems

Logical social services bludgeoned with incompetent mental rage
when they’re simply logical

Canada among many things is vividly a “false economy”
where effort expenditure and value are stymied against privileged wealth
and obtuse corporations that amount to oil drills for people’s money

All the while hiding the theft from First Nations
and abuse and exploitation of women and minorities

Mining Corpses on other Continents

make money humma humma

There is in general the feeling of votes having only illusory effects on things.
Still arming a deranged sexist racist violent Saudi regime;
still treating our water resources as disposable;
still vouchsafing a massive disparity in wealth
with little regard for labour and the poor;
still trodding over First Nations rights;
still rife with arbitrary rules;
still favouring big pharma over actual health care;
still backing our resource industries causing massive problems
in poor countries around the world;
no matter who we vote for or why.



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