The SOPA legislation debate is one of those massive flaming icebergs that goes by sometimes sometimes freezing people in their bones even as the flames heat their brow. The whirlwind of agitation about it stayed well ahead of practical exactions of every item in the legislation.

I heard enough to compile plenty of very wild and yet almost certain ramifications of the legislation had it been enacted.

Proponents of it come from the film industry and music industry of America but also tech giants/

I’m writing this from in here in my old oft temperamental and unreliable hotmail account under the seeming omnibus of hotmail corporate associates. I was surprised while signing in to see as it loaded an emblazoned MICROSOFT CORPORATION across the far end of the http address line like MICROSOFT CORPORATION owns oversion hotmail, ie me

All this business of online entities being able to reach into your home computer is pretty startling stuff that is already the case. The legislation would have changed the rules for what they can do once they’re in there.

Entering a world where people give their old computers to friends,
where parts from one computer are used in another, where the world of used parts exists. Meaning “The LICENSEee is not the one using
the computer.”

Thats like being inside your head right in your private world, but also able to claim that this or that app or tool or program, which they may have dumped in the computer in the first place could have been charged for.

As a person with no credit card and no drivers license, i’m a lot harder to fuck with in this regards. But if an online entity determines anything in a computer belongs to them and they are billion dollar corporation, they can lawyer up and simply take
your computer claiming over whatever bullshit malfunctioning program, or the hard drive itself at the same time,

Basically SOPA was the wolves at the door of poor people’s very participation in the internet. The people who’ve made billions producing it want even more. They want ALL the money out here.

All the while I’m saying that from MSBN MICROSOFT SYMPATICO NATIONAL POST CBC YAHOO on my Rogers Ultralite service. All these corporations have to make money for this to work so here goes! Enough is enough!

It’s like someone who sells you an apple seed and expects 100% of the monetary value of every apple you grow, even the rotten wormy ones that fall to the ground, at full

Have any of them behind this fortunately defeated legislation given any thought to the existence of “Used Equipment/Merchandize” being resold or given after purchase? Not only that but all the people who just don’t have a clue how these things work

The likes of Google, WordPress, many others, feared put out of business by an utterly insane level of forced bureaucratization. Our only places of entry would be those insane comment fields on yahoo threads, all those fake screaming heebee jeebee sammy_star people
with their flood of demented insults and sexist racist one liners. Moron world.

Human intelligence fought through this one, but the corporations pushing for it come off as quite galling in the aftermath.

Unbelievable. Like they’d have businesses if the rest of us weren’t out here paying for it. Do you want your billions? Don’t kill off the humanity. No other species cares about internet.

Friccin cram yourselves down our throats and then resent that you’re reflected in our art? Don’t advertize so much.

meneninkenlkniienoinoinlkenlknknenononen ~


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  1. One can sympathize with sellers of computer software
    or cd’s and dvd’s finding their stuff duplicated and given to other would-have-been buyers.

    The first person to ever tie their shoelaces in the manner used by most might similarly wish to assert a perfectly reasonable 9 cent charge on every instance of anyone tying their shoelaces that way for the rest of time, and retroactively for a hundred years or so, and would arguably accrue 100% of the wealth on the planet by a simple court action. Instead they live with our thanks

    Comment by oversion — January 22, 2012 @ 5:20 pm

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