Letters of Drouillard Road

One oft decodes talk of the need to support small business as a right wing attempt to be all about money and tax cuts and screwing employees, a matter of prioritization and a cover for really just being all about the corporations, but somehow a recurrent phenomenon these days has to be addressed: everywhere we go on our travels, little towns, big ol Toronto, different neighbourhoods, one keeps running into boarded up shut down extinguished businesses. What seems so useless is the fact that the business might have been struggling to get current rent and bills paid, and suddenly the closure notice says they owe 45,000 dollars, ie the value of the length of the lease combined with all possible remedies, and the business is destroyed and the place remains closed months, the quest for this 45,000 eliminating the prospect of any income whatsoever. Drouillard Road in Windsor is lined with shutdown places, and one can find them everywhere, somehow better off closed than affordable. It’s hard to imagine who benefits from no income at all and a closed door, awaiting exorbitant rent unjustified by the reality. As Letters Bookshop looks for a new building we gaze at the many closed places that could work if they didn’t seek impossible rent and lease for such places



  1. Hi There,

    I came across this blog; are you still looking for space to locate a business in Ford City? Give our office a call, my name is Stephen and maybe we can help you. 519-915-9583.

    Comment by FCNR (@FordCityRenewal) — March 21, 2014 @ 1:09 am

    • I’m sorry it took so long to approve your comment and reply.

      I’m absolutely in favour of the well being of Ford City
      and in the letters of Drouillard Road piece I was not selecting
      anyone to blame for the situation, but rather the math of
      legislation and money, in the most abstract universal sense,
      that makes it what it is. Simple sizeable numbers,
      that having a building unoccupied, from an earnings vs tax writeoffs
      point of view, keeps valuable doors sealed.
      A revitalization of the Drouillard Road
      could take many forms. Some places on earth
      there’d be 29,000 people that could flat out be saved
      simply by becoming the primary presence there.
      But accomplishing that would meet with estrangement locally
      and a complication of financial relationships with having
      the taxes and investments formulas completely eschew,
      and an einstein like task to sort it all out
      without unusual and particular exemption legislation
      where parts of cities that the numbers games of economic law
      make vacant, at rates of 3000 to 179 to any height
      (better to be vacant than generate 179 dollars()

      In other words it’s blameless,
      realistically: had my friend relocated his book shop
      to any of the potential vacants we’d identified on Drouillard
      he might have thrived, and really added a ton of a lot to Windsor
      but he found a big place in Thunder Bay for 50 to 90 thousand less
      than he’d have had to pay in the comfortable climate of Windsor.
      I still think it would have been better, it’s definitely a challenge
      to revitalize, but it can be done.

      Comment by oversion — March 27, 2014 @ 12:37 pm

  2. You need to drive down Drouillard again this summer and take comparison shots please! So much has changed. Good points though, the valuation, rents and back taxes on some of these places become serious road blocks to new businesses. What do you think could be done?

    Comment by Ford City — March 21, 2014 @ 1:18 am

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