March 20, 2017

Creating problems for profit, the Republicans

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Talk about gaming the system. It’s how Republican politics works.
It’s a form of making an investment. You have a business idea
that’s noxious to the world, obviously a bad idea, harmful,
you pony up a ton of cash to buy some Republicans, and get them to
establish a law that allows you to pollute and harm people,
eliminates sensible restrictions, even creates the problems
your business idea claims to address. The bought Republicans
do that eyes downward darting back and forth when discussing it.
An obviously bad idea, “why would anyone think of doing that”
eyes go down and dart around, then they lift their faces
and say some bullshit, all full of pseudo-self-righteous rectitude


With their embrace of prisons for profit they need not only
people to profitably imprison, but people to have the crimes
committed against them. And those victims had better have the money
to pay ambulance and a medical staff, or they’re just freeloaders.
Overly entitled freeloading victims of crime.

The bright weather today just irritated me. It really did.
I was out on my bike but making clear, “Don’t give me that
bright world state of mind,” It’s a dark world.

And it’s Trump causing a ton of it.

It’s like he’s planning to rape and pillage.
Destroy lives, destroy worlds, destroy the planet, the future
and be obnoxious about it. Insulting people while he does it
is important for him.

Irresponsible foreign policy ie relations with other nations
maniacal spending on wasteful military security and prison culture
and cruel Potterstown exploitation of the population in America
and everywhere. The Mammon President.


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