December 30, 2016

Christmas 2016: Lights and Travels

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I always tend to see a lot of the 401 on the holiday break
and it’s an ouvre unto itself: flat snowy landscapes under grey skies
often blurred or obscured by motion and window reflections.
Most Christmasses at some point my mother and I drive around
looking at people’s lights. 025

I want to start with my absolute favorite of the weekend.
St Clair Beach used to be Windsor’s cottage country, a tiny village
of tiny lightly built houses, often upraised on posts due to possible
flooding, with nice little gardens often sinking below the level
of the piping! Dangerous place to mow a lawn, as bits of piping rise
above soil level. Many of the cottages have been demolished or built upon
with lots of larger houses now, but to see one of the old original
houses cheerfully decorated for the holidays is a happy thing: 031

The larger houses and St Clair Beach’s classic ‘ranch styles with sunken den”
type homes are cool too at Christmas time. 029036035

Some exotic, some postcard classic:


Observations this year: We were pleased by the element of tasteful restraint
this year. Some years we’ve really remarked about the wastefulness
and excess, with vast comprehensive displays of electrical wattage.
Understated was the theme, for those with lights, while many had none.
Obviously I like the deep crayon bulbous lights of the bygone era
and send a happy smiling wave of the mind upon those types of houses.
Anachronisms are not just golden but multicoloured, just like people.

I write all this as one who has not put up a single decoration
except for adding cards received to the top of the big bookcase
along with the little buddha, the globe, the Norton World and Postmoderns
Anthologies, and Neil Hennessy’s Jordin Tootoo tribute.
Apartment buildings get decorated less but still for a litmus
we saw buildings with anywhere from one to three units decorated,
a lot of houses too. Putting lights on balconies can be frightening
and I for one it wouldn’t even come to mind.


You’ll have to click it to enlarge to see the decorated ones
the painted stones as they say



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  1. May 2017 be very good to you!

    Comment by Rosalba — December 30, 2016 @ 1:59 pm

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