November 13, 2016

Solidify your base

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so of in nettles insides come along.
So many good points around the role of faking things
and trying on obsessions politics identities

tangentially an insight into Trump supporters
(maybe the first one I have ever had)
people who have no lives, no role, no identity
trying on being Trump supporters, with his affirmations for doing so
maybe the only affirmation they get in their lives currently
and then they bond with each other
like some swamp version of the borg
throughout all the mouldy high schools of the land
on up into those not finding a first career
as of age 59 “always been a useless sack of shit”
now a Trump supporter, whose going to turn over everything.

Jesus Saves. Jesus Trump, of the
Now you have an identity
movement. “See? Now you’re with me
And I won’t even remember your name”
3, 5 years later, they’ll realize what a joke it was.
“you have done a good job, voting for me”
The evil mezmerist

Actual Mesmerists will deal with this man

But his supporters will love him for giving them that brief time
when they had an identity, and were connected to the world

see ya in sheep steaks voter, Trump will yell to them
once vested of the powers of President
until Batman and Robin and oh the movie projects
he’ll spur the country with

It’s like beating back the devil out there
the Trump supporters careening through their lvs
confused and lost,.

As If drumpf will bring back manufacting glory to Michigan

As If

coal pollution and coalmining will make america great again

as if

undermining the trust of every allie
will ‘help’ the overseas efforts

like some moronic omen figure
a trite tabloid grotesque as the french would say

a man with the deadweight visage of a corpse thrown off a bridge
30 years ago, to be polite

definitely a supernatural evil

have no doubt

for shame Donald Trump’s life

exhaust that supernatural tension


You’re Gone, Don\ald Tr’ump ticket

It’d be a funny ending ending if he won

a rank idiot in charge

at least a Hillary win would be like clean hotels without bedbugs
a federal government that keeps things from going completely to hell

John R Barlow, Oversion Magazine
it isn’t true

I’m thinking a profanity laden rant on my
oversion weblog where swearing is allowed
built right into the settings, ‘Swearing?” Just fine.

swearing is allowed in oversion .

melt trump down c

and now you get the splendours of autumn

and answers to questions like
why is the moon so reflective
which I myself don’t know
whats with shining rock




  1. beautiful photos!

    Comment by Rosalba — November 14, 2016 @ 4:08 am

  2. 25.5% voted for Donald Trump
    Simple mind that I am, I can’t see this as “America making this choice”
    what with the 46.6% that didn’t vote skewing to young Sanders people
    unable to transition to Clinton.

    On the whole it’s a matter of egg on our faces, a whole
    partly cooked omelette splattered heavy on,
    enough to feed the whole family, and we are sentenced
    to listening to these mean spiritted fussed up idiots
    wield their mandate and ‘will of the people’ bombast
    while blinding themselves to what the majority did express:

    25.6% voting for Clinton, plus who knows what percent Sanders.

    Furthermore cities overwelmingly voted the other way.
    Maybe in the deep south some cities actually voted for Trump
    but of the largest 200 cities a huge majority voted against Trump
    and somehow their will has turned into nothing at all.

    Furthermore I’m not at all convinced the voting process
    wasn’t tampered with.

    The Brexit vote was similarly close, and the mixture
    of demographics, or reasons for voting Brexit also
    dilute its meaning. The xenophobic ingredient is definitely there,
    but I’m not sure that it’s crudely nativist in itself
    to have doubts about grand decisions made by the EU
    are something wholly ideal. The larger the entity – EU US China –
    the more gaps and “occlusions”
    (who can mind being occluded with on some points?)
    Monstrously large dollops of omelette will always drop
    and on a scale that can’t be arbitted by former entitties.
    If the Brits get run over by a decision from the EU
    they almost have to persuade about 20 countries
    speaking other languages to not run them over.
    Likewise for any other EU member.
    And on the whole they can’t,
    so it amounts to having no self-determination at all,
    which is nearly what we already have here in North America.
    Consider that as Canadians we have almost no impact of any kind
    on US policies that shape our daily world in nearly every way
    and determine what wars we fight in, whose side we’re on
    in all the major disputes of a century’s worth of ongoing history.
    It’s certainly been the case for my whole life time.
    Saudi Arabia for instance is our great uncaring friend
    with whom we have absolutely nothing in common,
    and the Saudi’s eternal enemy Iran is thus our great enemy
    despite having almost no relationship of note with Canada,
    friendly, hostile, or otherwise. Every Canadian
    can live their entire lives without ever encountering Iran
    in any form, lest that Canadian enter Iran.

    Assembling Trump’s utterances into a world view
    requires a form of glue that does not exist.
    He wants to change for the better relations with Russia
    but the second any major Republican starts talking geopolitics
    rumbles of anger about Iran and Cuba are sure to rise,
    two of Russia’s allies, not to mention Trump’s avowed
    willingness to ignore the Syrian border in favour
    of doing what he pleases there. The US would have to
    bend back its entire foreign policy to become closer with Russia.

    Trump’s world view is imaginary, an unfinished thought.
    And thats what there now exists a technical mandate for.

    Comment by oversion — November 14, 2016 @ 4:28 am

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