October 13, 2016

Matthews Marners and Zaitsevs 1st Games as Leafs

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I will also absolutely seek to not bore you with hockey  009

Admit One: Hockey Poetry World
How quickly one takes for granted the 4 goals!

The Anti-Climactic can find its way in by any ingenius means.
A new season, a new world.
First off, Shoeless Joes (the former ferret&firkin/sticky wicket)
its ever changing decor featuring now a handsome
Bailiff’s letter in the window. It’s gone.
And 84 year old poet David Antin’s demise
suddenly overshadowing the start of the game.
I saw him read and admired him, but we didn’t converse.
He made a great impression on others though,
and I could see from his reading he was a great guy,
and intelligent, and of a novel mindset.
That shaking out and the fact that on the little bike ride over
Auston Matthews had scored the 1-0 goal. Huzzah.
 Ottawa got that one back. Bobby Ryan on the new
flashy top line 2, Dzingel I think, with Brassard and
rejuvenated Ryan. Finally seems like the player he’d seemed like.
Then it’s Auston Matthews with a stunning goal.
Stole on the puck 3 times in the course of stickhandling
through a maze of defenders.
 Ottawa got that one back. Karlsson from Brassard and Ryan.
Then Auston Matthews scored again, nice play from Rielly.
And that lead held up for more than 16 minutes.
Things were looking good all that time.
  Ottawa got that one back. Brassard. 3-3.
3 seconds to go 2nd period, great play, Auston Matthews!
And a nice long intermission ahead 4-3.
3rd period a sturdy defensive effort,
but a signalled automatic icing was waved off
and a split second later the puck’s in the net. Kyle Turris.
Anticipating a dazzling prolonged 3 on 3
Kyle Turris, again set up by Stone.
Would have been nice to win!
Matthews will have to be better next game,
and thats against Boston.
Basically Ryan Brassard’s line and Matthews Hyman Nylander line
dominated most if not all of their shifts
then suddenly Turris and Stone
gun us down.
Weird scene in the alternative bar, The Beer Station,
a long sketchy environment with cool new ownership
and now featuring a Bulgogi burger!
Definitely rocks. But not in a way
I recommend. Returned to a deplorable scene
on the front porch and blocking entry to alongside the building.
But Jesus, contemporary humanity, new forms thereof.
There’s more than just hipsters out there.
Almost an eery vibeto this remarkable beginning
to the careers of these superstars.
Varone has made the team in Ottawa.
The top two lines eating a lot of the ice time
but he’ll gradually hash out a career.
Matthews and Nylander come in with plus 3’s and multipoint games
to put it mildly in Matthews case
but the linemate, mr babcock favorite the hardworking Zach Hyman
just 1 assist, but a plus 4.
And your Mitch Marner fact?
by deep in the second period the leafs had had 20 attempts on the net
and 10 of them had been set up by Marner or were him
I predict he has a 15 point game some day
if he keeps skating like that.
A minus 2 on the night
Zaitsev a good game
and Connor Brown with many forays on the net
but yo the feeling of talking too much, revealing too much
in bars like that and bits of street like that.
The bar’s a block away – Always – all too local
fleeting culture shock
some whole new form of scroller humanity
all mini space ships of knowing everything, sort of,
and, growing poorer and poorer and poorer
and forms of drugs like no other era
not just the nihilist recreationals
people trust pot because it is what it is, a plant
not a postmodern science bad idea that is briefly profitable and
Also the sidewalk life of my neighbourhood
Stone aged stroller actually walking in trances
through the fluttering branches of shoulder to shoulder
Beckettian background cast, at about a quarter to Dickens

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