March 21, 2016

Starling Sparrow War Goes Deadly, Crows, Languaging Depression and Grief

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What do starling and sparrow wars have to do
with languaging out of depression and through grief?
They are examples of equally valid beings in conflict with each other.


Depression isn’t the end of the world, and grief is part of life.
Imagine the sadness of leaving the womb. Expelled.
At least baby birds get to peck their own way out of the egg. There’s a yin yang to it.

The starlings know I don’t dislike them
they just can’t take the piping holes
which are so valuable to the sparrows.
Whom actually fit in them!

Here are some of the good things about depression.
You’re tired and need to rest.
And then for a while be depressed.

Do the things you enjoy.
Every single depression prone person you say this to
has a reaction. Everyone’s heard it, from ‘smile more’
to go out and meet people, “you should be outside doing something”
what a bonus to be depressed and not have to.


The incredible thing with sparrows and starlings
is that many times of year they get along.
They have meetings in a tree by Jehovah’s Witness Grand Hall
the whole adult sparrow clans and plenty starlings
and they’ll sit in the tree and dazzle flutter around
but always 80-85% of both scholes of birds
on their several trees of branches
clearly discussing how things have gone

Anyway the sparrows are family to me.
I’ve worked there 15 years or so
every disaster with an egg, squirrel or bird
in the ever contested piping holes

mutual trust of each other is
ongoingly mutual.

But in the spring they resume at war
the starlings come in all strategically
pointers take up positions well away from the piping holes
and if you start to look around
there’s more and more starlings
gradually taking up positions
til they outnumber the sparrows who live there.
The sparrows cluster around the piping whole
and thats when I come out. 2005 we had starlings
in our piping wholese. The starlings of today
don’t even remember the hell that was.
Starling internecine battles in the piping
were far too depressing to listen to while working

and it wasn’t good for them either
so I help the sparrows

it is always gradual. It can take 11 hours.
7 to 11 hours.As Benjamin Franklin wrote

“energy and persistence can conquer all”

The strategies for languaging out of depression
and through grief are non medical non durg
they include experincing depression loss distrust fear and grief
and finally emerging no stressed and somewhere near the world of outside of pain


And this is how it works, evero forev

oAWA Oases of not feeling sad disappointed stressed and depressed
life good, what we all work to the grand blancmange of hope


It goes to every last thing, “Yes, you can violently make your turn
even though I have right of way, you can be surly while taking my…

work leaps across the street just 3 times smarter than a deer
*(most people are only 2, 2.5, 2.9 times smarter than a deer


It will be a good week, finding out what happens


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